Best Freestanding Tubs 2022 Reviews (Buying Guide Included)

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Best freestanding tubs

If your house doesn’t come with a bathtub that you enjoy or if it doesn’t come with one at all, then instead of ripping up your entire bathroom, you may want to invest in a freestanding bathtub. These tubs aren’t attached to a wall like typical bathtubs, so you can pretty easily buy one that you like and get it installed quickly.

If you know nothing about picking out good bathtubs don’t worry because we are here to help. In this article, we are going to look at the best freestanding tubs on the market and review them. If you want a quick recommendation, go for the WoodBridge BTA-1513 Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub.

Some of The Best Freestanding Tubs in 2022:

60 Gallons
Depth: 14.5 Inches
67 x 30 x 22 Inches
Whirlpool Hydrotherapy
60 Gallons
Depth: 14.5 Inches
67 x 34 x 21 Inches
Vanity Art 71
60 Gallons
Depth: 14.5 Inches
70 x 33 x 25 Inches
Pelham & White Luxury 60
60 Gallons
Depth: 14.5 Inches
60 x 31 x 23 Inches
60 Gallons
Depth: 14.5 Inches
59 x 31 x 22 Inches

Freestanding Tub Reviews

WoodBridge BTA-1513 Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

To start off our best freestanding tubs list, we have a well-made tub that is also reasonably affordable (at least as far as these sorts of products go). The WoodBridge BTA-1513 Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub is from a brand that makes quite a few different kinds of freestanding tubs.

If you look up these bathtubs on Amazon or any other online retailer, you will find the name WoodBridge popping up a lot. So, you know that they are at least a fairly reliable brand if they have been around long enough to produce so many different bathtubs. This particular tub definitely shows why they are still in business.

Like a lot of freestanding tubs, the WoodBridge BTA-1513 Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub is made using a base of acrylic. We will talk about this more in our best freestanding tubs buying guide, but the main gist of it is that acrylic is a really reliable and durable material that can stand up to years of water exposure without being damaged.

In addition to the acrylic used to make the tub, the inside is also coated with layers of resin and fiberglass to help make the bathtub even more durable and better able to stand up to water exposure.

The WoodBridge also sports a coating that is meant to make it a lot easier for you to clean. It doesn’t make too much of a difference (after all, cleaning a tub isn’t exactly difficult in the first place), but it does save you a bit of time and it is a small, but still nice feature.

In spite of all the good features that we have mentioned, the WoodBridge is fairly reasonably priced. It isn’t “cheap” per se, but compared to a lot of the other entries on our best freestanding tubs list, it is available for a very fair price.

Our only complaint with the WoodBridge BTA-1513 Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub is a relatively minor one. We find that the drainage system operates surprisingly slowly, which can end up being quite annoying in some instances. Ultimately, it isn’t too much of an issue, but it can cause problems in some rare situations.

  • Special coating makes it easier to clean.
  • A mixture of acrylic, resin, and fiberglass makes the tub durable.

  • Can be had for a reasonable price.

  • Does seem to drain very slowly.

MCP Jetted Tubs Freestanding Jetted Massage Hydrotherapy Bathtub

For the next review on our best freestanding tubs list, we are going to be reviewing the MCP Jetted Tubs Freestanding Jetted Massage Hydrotherapy Bathtub. Before we get into the review itself, we do have to warn you from the start that this is an extremely expensive bathtub.

If you are on any sort of budget or if you just hate the idea of spending a large amount on a bathtub, then we will be honest and say that this likely isn’t the tub for you.

So, the first question likely to be on your mind when you see the price tag of the MCP Jetted Tubs Freestanding Jetted Massage Hydrotherapy Bathtub is “why is this tub so expensive?”

Well, there are quite a few reasons why the tub is so expensive and all of them relate back to just how well-made the tub is and how many great features it comes equipped with. Let’s start the review by talking about the general construction of the tub. The base of this tub is an extremely solid and durable stainless steel frame.

From that solid base, the tub is then fitted with a layer of acrylic (which as you will see from the rest of this list is an incredibly common material when it comes to the best freestanding tubs).

That layer of acrylic is then supplemented with a whopping 3 layers of fiberglass. The end result of this is an extremely tough, durable freestanding tub. The MCP Jetted Tub isn’t going to rust or suffer any sort of degradation, you can bet on that.

In terms of features, the MCP Jetted Tubs Freestanding Jetted Massage Hydrotherapy Bathtub, as you can see from the name, is a hydrotherapy-capable tub. What does this mean exactly?

Well, the tub is actually equipped with a variety of jets on each side to provide a comprehensive hydrotherapy experience. We are sure that if you didn’t already know why then you are probably starting to get a good idea of why this tub is so pricey.

As you might expect, given the quality of this tub so far, the tub works very well in general. The water pressure is high, it fills up quickly, and it doesn’t have any weak points. If you don’t mind the high cost, then this is easily the best freestanding tub that you can currently buy.

  • Comes with water jets for hydrotherapy.
  • Extremely durable design; uses multiple layers of fiberglass.

  • Solid stainless steel frame.

  • No real weak points.

  • An extremely expensive tub.

Vanity Art 71 inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Moving on with our best freestanding tubs list, we are going to be doing a review of the Vanity Art 71 inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub. This is another one of those well-made, relatively reasonably priced freestanding tubs in the same vein as the WoodBridge BTA-1513 Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub that we reviewed to start the article.

We will say from the start that the Vanity Art 71 inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub isn’t anything particularly revolutionary. Pretty much all of its features can be seen on other bathtubs on this list. However, it is still a very well-made option that deserves some recognition.

This is what is known as a “double-slipper” bathtub (we will talk more about the different styles of a tub in our buying guide). What this kind of bathtub does is it has two shaped edges instead of one.

What advantages does this bring? Well, the main one is that the two shaped edges help to prevent the tub from overflowing and they also prevent spilling. So, the two shaped edges go a long way to helping to keep your bathroom floor dry.

Like pretty much every other bathtub that has been reviewed on our best freestanding tubs list, the Vanity Art 71 inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub is, as you can see from the name, made using acrylic.

As we have said countless times by now, acrylic is a great material for making tubs because it is durable and maybe even more importantly, it keeps heat locked in, ensuring that your perfectly heated bath doesn’t go cold on you quickly.

In terms of ease of installation, we really like that the Vanity Art 71 inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub is an extremely simple and easy bathtub to install. In general, freestanding tubs tend to be pretty easy to install, but even by those standards, the Vanity Art still stands out.

  • Great acrylic design.
  • Durable and keeps heat locked in.

  • Good performance overall.

  • Easy to install.

  • A bit on the small side.

Pelham & White Luxury 60 inch Freestanding Tub

The next freestanding tub that we want to review for this list is the Pelham & White Luxury 60 inch Freestanding Tub. As you are going to see from our review, this is another really high-end freestanding tub that is pretty similar to a tub that we reviewed earlier on our best freestanding tubs list.

If you think back, you may recall that we reviewed the MCP Jetted Tubs Freestanding Jetted Massage Hydrotherapy Bathtub, which was a fairly pricey tub. Much like that tub, the Pelham & White is an expensive tub that boasts a lot of features to go along with its large price tag.

The main benefit of the Pelham & White Luxury 60 inch Freestanding Tub is, without a doubt, the overall durability and design of the tub. This is easily one of the most well-made tubs out there. It uses extremely high-quality materials and it is definitely built like you would expect a $1000+ tub to be built.

It uses the tried and true combination of acrylic, resin, and fiberglass that you have seen be used on so many other tubs on our review list. In other words, you know that the tub is going to be reliable and be able to hold up through years and years of use. It is definitely a tub that you are going to have for decades, if not longer.

Our biggest issue with the Pelham & White Luxury 60 inch Freestanding Tub (besides its price), is the fact that despite being priced like a really high-end tub, it is lacking in some of those high-end tub features.

A key example would be water jets. A lot of really expensive bathtubs come equipped with hydrotherapy capabilities, but that isn’t the case with this particular tub.

  • Uses a mixture of acrylic, resin, and fiber glass.
  • Lasts for decades of heavy use.

  • Not that difficult to get set up.

  • Interior coating aides cleaning.

  • Another very pricey option.
  • Missing features like water jets.

WoodBridge Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

This is the second tub from WoodBridge that is going to be appearing on our best freestanding tubs list. The reason that we feel like the WoodBridge Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub is deserving of a separate review on this list is that it is a great budget option.

Don’t get us wrong, it is a fairly well-made freestanding bathtub overall, but the main reason to go for this entry from WoodBridge is its low cost.

We know that freestanding tubs aren’t exactly budget items, but not everyone is going to be able to justify buying those really expensive, $1000+ models. So, we wanted to make sure to include at least one tub that is pretty cheap (at least by the standards of freestanding tubs).

This is where the WoodBridge Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub really shines. At around $500, this is not only the cheapest entry on our best freestanding tubs list, but it is also one of the cheapest options on the entire market.

Despite the low cost, this is still a very high-quality purchase. It is made using the same high-quality acrylic that other WoodBridge tubs are and it is just a very well-made bathtub in general. So, despite costing the least of any tub on our list, it can still hang with the other entries when it comes to quality and performance.

  • As well-made as other, more expensive WoodBridge tubs.
  • Acrylic interior.

  • The most inexpensive tub on our list.

  • Good performance.

  • Uses sub-standard WoodBridge drainage system.

Freestanding Tub Buying Guide

Like we said way back at the beginning of our best freestanding tubs article, these aren’t exactly products that you buy a lot of. So, it is understandable that you might not know exactly what to look for when buying one. We are going to remedy that in this buying guide. We will explain just about everything that you need to know about freestanding tubs and how to buy one.

Tub Style

As you may have picked up from our best freestanding tubs list, different tubs come in different styles. Style doesn’t have too much of an impact on how the tub performs, but it is still worth noting as different styles can have different benefits.

Single Ended

These are your classic style of bathtub. One side is slightly rounded to allow you to sit back and put your feet up if you want.

Double Ended

Double-ended bathtubs are another common kind of bathtub. As you can probably guess from the name, these kinds of bathtubs feature two sloped sides instead of one. This gives you the minor advantage of being able to relax on either side of the tub.

Single Slipper

This kind of bathtub features a single end that is raised much higher than the other end. This is done to prevent spilling. It also gives you the same benefits as the single-ended bathtub, which is the ability to sit back and relax on one end of the tub.

Double Slipper

By now, you are probably becoming quite accustomed to the naming conventions used for naming tub styles, so you can probably already guess exactly what this name means.

Double slipper tubs are exactly like single slipper tubs, except that both sides are raised. This also helps to keep water in the tub and off your floor. However, they aren’t as good for sitting back and relaxing.

Tub Material

Freestanding tubs can be made out of a pretty wide array of different materials. On our best freestanding tubs review list, we primarily reviewed tubs made from acrylic (one of the most common materials used to make tubs), but there are other materials that can be used as well.


However, we need to start off by talking about the material that we are going to encounter the most, which is easily acrylic. On our best freestanding tubs list, we only reviewed acrylic tubs. That isn’t because other materials are bad or anything like that, it is just a function of the fact that it is easily the most common material out there for making tubs.

Acrylic does bring some pretty distinct advantages that make it so popular. For starters, it is a fairly light material.

Tubs made out of acrylic aren’t overly heavy and can be installed quite easily, which is a nice bonus. Secondly, acrylic is surprisingly tough. It can stand up to quite a bit of abuse. Finally, acrylic does a great job of resisting water damage and it also keeps in heat.

Cast Iron

If you have ever used cast iron cookware before, then you actually have a good idea of what to expect from cast iron tubs as well. They are heavy, but they are also extremely tough and do a great job of keeping in heat as well.


Copper tubs aren’t super common, but they are an option for those going for a certain aesthetic. Copper works decently well, but its main selling point is its unique look. If all you care about is performance, then you are better off going with acrylic or cast iron.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Comfortable Are These Bathtubs?

Obviously, this depends on your body type. If you are particularly tall, for example, any bathtub can feel a little cramped. As a rule, though, acrylic bathtubs are more comfortable on the skin than porcelain or cast iron alternatives and retain the heat in water for longer.

Do I Need a Lot of Space to Have a Freestanding Bathtub?

As freestanding bathtubs are not built into the wall of your property, you’ll need a little more space than usual. As a rule of thumb, aim for a minimum of 4 inches of space between every wall of your bathroom. This will prevent overflowing or splashing water from damaging the structural integrity.

Can I Buy These Freestanding Bathtubs in Other Countries?

The bathtubs that we have profiled in this buyer’s guide are primarily with a US audience in mind. You may find them in other countries, but do not try to import them from the States. Shipping fees and customs duty will be astronomical. Look for a locally-sourced alternative that meets the same criteria as our recommendations.

How Easy is it to Install These Freestanding Bathtubs?

Very easy indeed. Just position your tub where you want it – acrylic tubs are light, so you should be able to do this yourself. Then call a plumber to handle the water requirements. The whole process is considerably less awkward and time-consuming than installing a fixed bathtub.

Do These Freestanding Bathtubs Come with a Guarantee?

Every product has its own, unique manufacturer’s guarantee. Check this before committing to a purchase.

How Do I Clean These Bathtubs?

Acrylic bathtubs are famously easy to keep clean, as they do not attract mold or limescale. Rinsing down your tub with water and a damp cloth will usually do the trick. Just make it a soft cloth to avoid scratches. For a more thorough clean, create a scrub by mixing a cup of baking soda with three tablespoons of detergent.

How Much Do These Bathtubs Weigh?

The average weight of a freestanding acrylic bathtub is 100 pounds. For comparison, a freestanding cast iron tub weighs three times as much. The lightweight nature of acrylic tubs is part of their appeal.

Do I Need Special Plumbing, Pumps, and Filters to Accommodate These Bathtubs?

A professional plumber should be able to make use of existing connections and water supplies to get your freestanding bathtub fully functional in no time. Even the MCP Freestanding Jetted Massage Hydrotherapy Bathtub, which features water jets, will make use of traditional connections. You’ll only need to worry about special requirements if you install a whirlpool in your bathroom.

Do These Bathtubs Offer Special Features?

Sometimes. Take another look at our reviews. We profile any special features, such as hydrotherapy jets, available on any of these tubs. Just be aware that the more bells and whistles a tub offers, the higher the price point will be.

Can These Bathtubs Overflow?

Any bathtub can overflow if you exceed the water capacity, though most freestanding tubs are shaped to minimize this risk. Just remember, freestanding tubs will not have an overflow drain built-in like their built-in alternatives. Never leave running bathwater unattended, whatever tub you’re using.

Will I Need to Reinforce My Floor?

The average bathroom floor will be more than sturdy enough to support the weight of an acrylic bathtub. If you choose a model outside of our recommendations, such as a tub made of cast iron, you may need to reinforce your floor. If your property is particularly old it may also be worth investigating, but if the floor supported a porcelain tub it will certainly be strong enough for acrylic.

What Do I Do if I Scratch My Bathtub and it Leaves a Mark?

To remove scratches from an acrylic tub, rub the impacted area with fine, gritted sandpaper. Once you’re done, wipe the sanded acrylic down with a damp cloth and rinse it with cool water. Polish the area with a specialist white acrylic polish, ideally diluted with water. Good as new!


If you have any comments or feedback that you would like to share regarding our best freestanding tubs article, you should do so by contacting us.

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