Best Food Processor For Shredding Cheese in 2023 (Reviews)

best food processor for shredding cheese

Utilizing a food processor is an efficient and time-saving way to grate cheese. Not only is it faster, but you’ll save money by not purchasing pre-shredded varieties!

Even though most food processors feature an attachment designed to shred food, here are a few other great choices for accomplishing the same purpose.

If you want to skip the reviews, we say get the Ninja BN601 Professional Plus.

Best Food Processor For Shredding Cheese Reviews

Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor FP-8SV

Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor, 350-Watt Motor, Medium to Fine Slicing Discs, FP-8SV, Silver
  • SUPERIOR FUNCTION: The 350-watt food processor is powerful for food prep and performance – Also comes...
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Reversible shredding and slicing discs – medium to fine with integrated feed tube...
  • CONTROL: Convenient rubberized controls – High, Low, Off and Pulse
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • LIMITED 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Refer to user manual for troubleshooting steps and questions surrounding...

The Cuisinart FP-8SV food processor is an outstanding mid-sized food processor that provides plenty of power for most meal preparation tasks.

Its compact design takes up less space in small kitchens, and its lightweight construction allows easy lifting and maneuvering on countertops. Plus, its sleek silver finish looks appealing while being easy to wipe clean!

The FP-8SV comes equipped with a stainless-steel chopping blade, reversible shredding/slicing discs, mixing blade, and dough blade – as well as its wide-mouth feed tube that reduces pre-cutting for more efficient food prep.

BPA-free and dishwasher-safe components make cleaning simple; its simple controls and small size make operation effortless, and the 350W motor ensures adequate power for most tasks during our tests.

Though it fell short in some of our tests, such as chopping an onion, the FP-8SV remains an ideal choice for most chefs.

It easily handles basic prep tasks such as slicing, shredding, and kneading while being susceptible to overheating during prolonged or intense operations – however frequent breaks should be taken between using it for long periods of time in order to protect its long-term performance.

This food processor offers outstanding value, performing admirably in our tests and offering an outstanding selection of accessories. Its sturdy construction and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for most cooks.

While pricier than some models we tested, this model offers a superior balance between performance and functionality.

The FP-8SV food processor is an ideal solution for chefs in search of an economical yet reliable food processor to aid with daily meal prep needs.

With its convenient wide-mouthed feed tube’s sleek design and compact size, pre-cutting is minimized while its sleek aesthetic and compact size makes it suitable for any kitchen space.

In terms of cleaning and maintaining it is simple; both work bowl, blades, and discs are dishwasher safe – with its only drawback being its lack of advanced controls such as multiple speed settings or thickness adjustability for shredding or slicing or shredding thickness adjustments compared to some advanced processors available on other models.

Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor, 1000 Peak Watts, 4 Functions for Chopping, Slicing,...
9,390 Reviews
Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor, 1000 Peak Watts, 4 Functions for Chopping, Slicing,...
  • MOST POWERFUL KITCHEN FOOD PROCESSOR: The 1000-peak-watt motor can process the toughest ingredients with...
  • PRROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE: Dedicated blades and discs deliver restaurant-worthy results. Precisely chop,...
  • 4 VERSATILE FUNCTIONS: 4 Auto-iQ intelligent preset programs make food prep easier with 3 speeds – low,...
  • XL PROCESSING CAPACITY: The 9-cup (72-oz.) processing bowl delivers consistent results whether you’re...
  • MIX DOUGH IN SECONDS: Powerful dough mixer has the torque to fold in ingredients quickly and evenly,...

The Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor is an elegant kitchen appliance equipped with an efficient motor and multiple attachments to efficiently chop, shred, and slice food quickly – saving time in the process!

Featuring compact dimensions for any modern kitchen as well as its user-friendly controls and sleek appearance, this compact device makes food prep quick and efficient!

This processor comes with a sturdy storage box that keeps all its components together for convenient space-saving in your kitchen. Furthermore, its removable parts are dishwasher-safe for quick and effortless cleanup. Furthermore, its non-slip base ensures stability during operation to minimize injuries or damage to countertops during use.

Auto-iQ technology sets this processor apart from its rivals by offering preset settings for tasks such as chopping and mixing dough, making use more convenient and efficient.

Furthermore, its intuitive control panel makes this product simple to understand with buttons for each attachment (such as “dough” for its dough blade).

This motor has a maximum peak-watt rating of 1200 and can easily handle various tasks, although its noise levels can be a bit loud in a small kitchen environment.

Also important to keep in mind is that this machine should only be used with cold ingredients – any hot items should first cool before placing them into it for processing.

Our testing revealed that this device excelled at chopping onions and garlic.

Furthermore, it could easily grate cheese and process hard vegetables with its shredding disc; however, its performance when it came to kneading dough proved somewhat limited; large chunks of butter formed within dough balls for inconsistent results.

Overall, the Ninja BN601 is an outstanding investment for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen. Its versatile features, user-friendly design, and powerful motor make it an invaluable tool. A wise purchase that will save time and effort in the kitchen over time!

Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and Puree, 10...
  • Bowl scraper attachment: Special attachment scrapes the sides of the bowl to keep ingredients close to...
  • 10 cup capacity: The generous 10 cup bowl can handle large volumes of foods without having to stop to...
  • Large feed chute: Can fit large foods like a whole block of cheese for quick, easy processing and less...
  • Versatility of a food processor, food chopper and vegetable chopper: Reversible stainless steel disc...
  • 2 speeds plus pulse and 450 watts of power: Food processor's low and high speeds plus pulse gives you the...

This Hamilton Beach Food Processor is one of the best-selling options on the market and provides great value for your money.

Packed with features and functions designed to save time on meal prep, such as its stainless steel S-blade that chops, slices, and purees food; as well as its reversible shredding disc and dough blade for quick pizza crust or cookie preparation; plus its two speeds with pulse control setting to provide maximum versatility – not forgetting its Polypropylene bowl which makes cleaning simple!

This processor boasts a small footprint that fits comfortably into any kitchen, featuring a large feed chute for accommodating whole foods such as zucchini or blocks of cheese.

With its powerful 450-watt motor and dishwasher-safe discs for shredding and slicing operations, as well as BPA-free food zones for additional safety, this unit is sure to get your work done efficiently and safely.

Hamilton Beach food processors stand out for their ergonomic designs. Where most processors require you to twist and lock the bowl and lid into position, this model’s unique stacking and locking system enables you to securely stack it atop its base without needing to twist and swivel into position first. Furthermore, its cord storage feature keeps countertops tidy.

This Hamilton Beach food processor features blades constructed from surgical-grade stainless steel that is both rustproof and easy to clean, featuring dishwasher-safe parts as well as a scraper blade scraper for quick and effortless cleanup.

Furthermore, some models even come with an anti-blade lock mechanism to prevent accidental injuries caused by blade mishandling.

Some customers have shared their positive opinions of this Hamilton Beach food processor, noting how it has expanded their cooking repertoire and allowed for greater experimentation with recipes.

Others have commented on its portability and convenience features such as its small footprint and large capacity.

Food processor motor power should be your top consideration when choosing one. A higher power rating enables a processor to handle more challenging ingredients such as hard cheeses and vegetables more quickly with reduced noise pollution compared to lower-powered models.

You should also ensure the bowl, lid, and blades of any food processor you select can be easily cleaned by placing it in the dishwasher after use.

BLACK+DECKER 8-Cup Food Processor FP1600B

BLACK+DECKER 8-Cup Food Processor, Black, FP1600B
7,415 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER 8-Cup Food Processor, Black, FP1600B
  • 8-Cup Work Bowl - Plent of room to work with
  • Food Chute with Pusher - Helps guide food towards the slicing/shredding disk while the processor is...
  • Dishwasher-Safe Removable Parts
  • Safety Interlocking System - Blades operate only when the lid is securely attached to the bowl

The BLACK+DECKER Food Processor FP1600B is an inexpensive food processor with no frills that provides more versatility than a food chopper.

Though not quite up to par with some of the top models, this model still represents good value for budget-minded households and can take care of basic tasks such as chopping and shredding cheese.

Black+Decker Food Processor offers an 8-cup work bowl, stainless steel chopping blade, reversible slicing and shredding disc, lid lock, on/off button, and 450-watt motor for effortless food processing.

Small, compact, and easy to use; its pusher makes loading foods into its feed chute simple – ideal for chopping, dicing, mincing, and slicing fruits and vegetables at one time; lack of a dough blade may not make it suitable.

Our testing revealed it performed best in chopping, scoring 77 out of 100; however, its other performances weren’t as promising, falling to 65 out of 100 in other tests. Particularly dismal were its performances in slicing and shredding tasks where unevenly-sized shreds were created with many large chunks still visible within.

The machine performed better in our almond test, though still left larger pieces that did not produce finely ground almonds. However, it managed to create slices that were relatively uniform in size but only earned an average score of 64 out of 100 points.

This machine’s rounded design and curves make it user-friendly. The lid snaps onto and off its base easily with no gaps or crevices to trap dirt; cleaning is simple as all removable parts can be placed into a dishwasher for safe disposal.

While initially, it might take some patience to read the manual and assembly instructions to put together, once assembled it becomes very user-friendly.

Breville Sous Chef Pro 16 Cup BFP800XL

Breville Sous Chef Pro 16 Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel, BFP800XL
  • Comes with 5 multi function discs and 3 blades out of the box
  • 5.5 inch super wide feed chute reduces the need to pre cut most fruits and vegetables
  • Includes 2 BPA free processing bowls: 16 cup (3.8 L) large bowl; 2.5 cup (600 milliliter) small...
  • LCD display displays count up and count down auto timer; Voltage: 110 to 120 Volts
  • Accessory storage box can be stored horizontally or vertically based on storage space; Stainless Steel...

The Breville Sous Chef food processor is renowned for its impressive power to process even tough ingredients with precision and consistency.

Its robust motor chops, slices, and shreds quickly with ease while its blades include coarse/fine shredding disks (reversible shredding disks), French fry cutting discs, an emulsifying blade, and a whisking disc.

It comes complete with its own assortment of blades and discs such as French fry cutting discs; an emulsifying blade; a whisking disc; an emulsifying blade; an emulsifying blade; and a whisking disc.

This food processor is easy to use, with intuitive controls and clearly marked locations of its various parts.

Most attachments are dishwasher safe while the large food pusher must be hand washed due to its delicate design; most users will find cleaning this device quick and effortless, due to its smooth design without hidden crevices that might collect food.

Although one of the more expensive food processors on the market, this model comes equipped with many features and a lengthy warranty. Constructed with a durable die-cast metal base and stainless steel blades for lasting use. Plus, its BPA-free bowl makes you worry-free of harmful toxins leaching into your food!

This Breville food processor boasts an exceptionally versatile set of discs. The variable slicing blade features 24 settings that let you select paper thin 0.3mm slices to thick 8.4mm slices. In addition, there’s also a whisking disc and dough blade so you can substitute your mixer for some tasks.

Other useful features include small and large food pushers that give you more control of smaller ingredients, providing additional stability when operating the machine.

An LCD display also shows you the status of the machine including speed and pulse functions as well as count up/count down timer settings as well as pause button functionality.

The Sous Chef food processor weighs 26 pounds, which may not make it ideal for storage spaces with limited room or lifting it often. Furthermore, this unit only works with 120v, and 60Hz systems in North America; converters or adapters could damage it permanently.

KitchenAid KFC3516IC 3.5 Cup

KitchenAid KFC3516IC 3.5 Cup Food Chopper, Ice Blue
  • Convenient 3.5 cup work bowl features a locking blade, handle and pour spout for easy serving,and...
  • With its small, countertop friendly footprint and simple cord wrap, its easy to store, neatly tucking...
  • 2 speeds and pulse for coarse or fine results for anything from chunky pico de gallo and salsa, to a...
  • Easily incorporate liquid ingredients for sauces and dressings while processing with the drizzle basin
  • Precisely chop or puree with the stainless steel multi-purpose blade that locks in place for convenient...

KitchenAid KFC3516IC 3.5 Cup Food Processor is an excellent option for anyone in search of an electric mini food processor to assist with regular kitchen prep tasks. Featuring a large 3.5-cup work bowl, lock blade, handle, and pour spout, its powerful motor delivers impressive results while its compact design makes it easy to use and store.

The KFC3516IC features an intuitive user interface that offers convenient food processing solutions for every need. Chopping, mixing, and pureeing functions enable precise control over recipe textures; plus its drizzle basin allows easy incorporation of liquid ingredients such as oils or juices while food is being processed.

This small food processor is extremely versatile and can be used to prepare all sorts of tasty food items and applications.

From chopping herbs and vegetables, making creamy dips and sauces, and even making tasty hummus!

With its convenient locking blade that stays secure during operation, comfortable handle grip, pour spout for serving creations quickly, dishwasher-safe work bowl lid and blade, and user-friendly operation – everything necessary is available here for an efficient experience!

One drawback of this product is that its lid may be difficult to keep clean as there are small openings where food particles can get trapped. Furthermore, some users have reported issues with the on/off mechanism which requires careful manipulation in order to switch it on or off.

Another issue with this product is that its chopping and pureeing speeds may be too fast for certain recipes, forcing users to operate it in short bursts to avoid overworking its motor – something which may prove frustrating if used extensively for food preparation purposes.

Overall, the KitchenAid KFC3516IC mini food processor is an ideal way to streamline your meal prep routine and enjoy superior performance.

While there may be minor design flaws – including difficulty cleaning the lid or using its on/off mechanism – its versatility and convenience make it worth buying for anyone who enjoys cooking.

GE Food Processor 12 Cup

GE Food Processor | 12 Cup | Complete With 3 Feeding Tubes & Stainless Steel Accessories - 3 Discs +...
  • POWERFUL 550 WATT FOOD PROCESSOR - Prepare even the toughest fruits, vegetables and meats with a powerful...
  • 12 CUP CAPACITY JAR WITH HANDLE - There will be enough to go around thanks a 12 cup food processor that...
  • SIMPLE 3-SPEED CONTROLS - Chop and blend your favorite food items with a 3-speed food processor: high,...
  • STAINLESS STEEL ACCESSORIES - Achieve more in the kitchen thanks to stainless steel food processor...
  • LARGE FEED TUBE - Eliminate the need for pre-cutting ingredients thanks to a food processor with large...

This food processor from GE offers much. It can handle tasks such as chopping, slicing, and shredding cheese along with other tasks with its powerful 1000-watt motor that can make quick work of dough. Furthermore, its many attachments will save time during meal prep.

This model comes equipped with a reversible slicing and shredding disc that adjusts to seven thicknesses, as well as a stainless steel mixing blade and chopping blade, all of which can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher.

Furthermore, its large capacity and ease of use make it suitable for most household needs. Furthermore, its handle locks into place securely; its lid may allow food particles to accumulate over time which may prove problematic over time.

Even though this food processor may not be as powerful as some of our other models, it still does a solid job grating cheese. The reversible shredding disc has two settings for fine and medium shredding; soft foods, such as mozzarella can be frozen for 15 minutes to harden before processing with this machine.

The GE Food Processor 12 Cup is easy to assemble, taking up minimal counter space on kitchen counters.

Equipped with four suction cups at its base for stability and easy lifting capabilities, its sleek and attractive design looks great on countertops while being large enough to accommodate most food items. Plus, both bowl and blades are dishwasher safe allowing easy cleanup after every use!

Though not as versatile as some other models on this list, the GE Food Processor 12 Cup still does an effective job of grating and slicing cheese.

The reversible shredding blade offers two speeds with a pulse feature so you can control slice thickness or size when shredding cheese. Plus it comes equipped with accessories like a chopping blade, slicing disc, whisk, and lid lock to stop accidental activation of its blade while you are working.

Braun FP3020 12 Cup

Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful motor, includes 7 Attachment Blades +...
2,651 Reviews
Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful motor, includes 7 Attachment Blades +...
  • It's used for chop, slice, whisk and knead, or even get a vitamin boost with the juicer attachment
  • DualControl system with variable speed: The pre-set speed function ensures immediate and very even...
  • Easy to clean: Every part (except the base with the motor) is dishwasher safe
  • Power and Voltage: Rated Powerful 600 watt motors for Processing - 110V For USA
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer

This food processor is an ideal choice for people seeking a small, convenient, and long-lasting machine.

Equipped with a powerful motor to tackle tough jobs and an assortment of blades and discs to chop, puree, knead dough, and shred cheese with ease, its bowl is made of sturdy plastic while its lid provides easy operation.

Featuring four preset speeds which can adjust blade speeds as well as cutting up larger chunks of food quickly in its high/low/pulse setting this food processor has everything needed for effortless culinary adventures in its kitchen!

One of the great features of this food processor is its reversible shredding disc, which can create either fine- or medium-shred cheese. Furthermore, its accessories are dishwasher-safe making cleaning quick and simple. Furthermore, its stainless steel blades are built to last.

If you’re shopping for a compact food processor, the Braun model makes an excellent selection.

Boasting a 3.5-cup capacity and wide feed tube to quickly process large batches, as well as a powerful yet quiet motor and user-friendly control interface features, and a sleek yet compact design that fits easily on a countertop or cabinet shelf, it offers ample capacity.

Food processors are essential kitchen appliances, especially if you enjoy cooking. Not only can they save both time and effort in the kitchen, but they can also make cooking more efficient. When shopping for one it is important to assess your individual needs to select one that best matches them.

If you need a food processor that can shred cheese, carefully consider its specifications to ensure it has enough power and size to meet your needs. Furthermore, opt for one with an easily detachable and cleanable grating plate that makes maintenance much simpler.

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