Best Dumb Phone For Texting in 2023 (Reviews)

best dumb phone for texting

If your smartphone is constantly reminding you about something or you simply need a break from digital distractions, a dumb phone might be exactly what’s needed for an enjoyable tactile experience.

Dumb phones may also be less costly than modern smartphones, making them suitable for seniors with features like an emergency call button and larger buttons for easier use.

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Best Dumb Phone For Texting Reviews

Punkt. MP02 New Generation 4G

Punkt. MP02 New Generation 4G LTE Minimalist Mobile Phone for Calling & Texting | Black | Unlocked,...
  • Minimalist Phone with 4G LTE: a simple mobile phone for calling and texting, with excellent audio and a...
  • Pigeon is an encryption feature on the MP02 that enables people to use the Signal end-to-end encrypted...
  • Digital Security: BlackBerry Secure is built into your Punkt MP02 so that no one can hack your device.
  • Rugged Phone: made with top-grade components, 2-inch Gorilla Glass screen, glass-fibre reinforced body;...
  • Stylish Brick Phone: designed by Jasper Morrison the MP02 is a pleasure to look at and hold, it also...

The Punkt MP02 is one of the best dumb phones for texting that aims to help you escape our over-connected world.

Features a minimalist design, 4G LTE connectivity, and an operating system designed to ward off cyber attacks; as well as a 2-inch display with a real keypad and an earphone jack; black, white, or blue versions are available, with up to 13 days on standby battery life; it supports Nano-SIM but will not work with CDMA networks like Verizon or Sprint.

The Punkt MP02’s design was inspired by a concept known as “offline luxury.” It is designed to help you stay focused on what matters in life without getting distracted by notifications or apps with too much emphasis.

When there is something worthy of display on the phone’s lock screen, indicators will only appear if necessary; otherwise, it simply shows battery status, mobile network signal strength information, and time of day details.

Punkt also features the Signal end-to-end encrypted messaging service for secure communication with friends and family using any app on any device, making this an excellent alternative to SMS and offering superior call quality with a user-friendly user interface compared to standard SMS.

Unfortunately, however, MMS-style group chats do not yet support it.

In addition to traditional smartphone functions, the Punkt comes equipped with an in-built speaker for making calls and a microphone for audio recording. Furthermore, its USB-C port shows that despite being retro in design it uses cutting-edge technologies.

Although its low price and lack of apps have earned the Punkt MP02 mixed reviews from customers, some were impressed by its design and functionality while others found its cumbersome navigation and unreliable features irritating.

SMS messaging often fails to send messages while buttons for address book, text messages, and phone calls don’t always function correctly.

Telefono Movil Senior Doro 7010

Telefono Movil Senior Doro 7010 2,8' 512mb 4gb White T3mpx
99 Reviews
Telefono Movil Senior Doro 7010 2,8" 512mb 4gb White T3mpx
  • Original brand product.
  • Two-year warranty against factory defects.

The Doro 7010 is a phone designed specifically to meet the needs of seniors that combines the simplicity of monobloc mobiles with smartphone features.

Integrated WhatsApp and Facebook applications allow users to stay in contact with friends and family while its internet connectivity enables browsing of websites. Furthermore, hearing aid compatibility ensures loud and clear voice communications.

The Doro 7010 features an ergonomic keypad designed for comfort. The buttons are evenly spaced and offer great contrast, but its default resolution of 320×240 pixels may be subpar; most mid-range phones boast higher resolution for better image quality; additionally, its jagged edges may put off some users.

Battery life should also be an essential factor when selecting a dumb phone. Today’s standard for mobile phones has an expected capacity between 4500 to 5000 mAh; however, processing speed and use of data functions can significantly impact battery life.

In contrast to this, the Doro 7010 comes equipped with an impressive 1600mAh battery which should provide ample backup time over one day of usage with moderate usage patterns.

This phone was designed for ease of use, featuring an intuitive user interface with large icons and text. It can pair easily with hearing aids while offering easy social network connectivity for friends and family.

Plus, its MicroSD slot lets users store music to listen to in addition to being equipped with web browsing capability! It has a standby time of 15 days, can be remotely accessed by friends and family to change its settings, and comes equipped with an excellent speaker to deliver superb audio quality.

Unfortunately, its limited operating system may not be suitable for people living with visual or motor impairments. However, this phone is an excellent choice for people new to smartphones or who simply require texting capability. The battery can be recharged, and all major languages are supported.

Furthermore, its user manual and video tutorials make for an effortless user experience.

Light Phone II

Light Phone II [Light Gray] 4G Volte Phone, Minimalist Phone for Calling & Texting, Bluetooth, WiFi,...
  • The Light Phone II is currently compatible with certain carriers in the US. Compatible carriers include:...
  • Everything you need to set up your Light Phone and account can be found on
  • Standalone minimalist phone that can be used to call and text. Group texting is supported
  • The Light Phone II is built around a user-customizable menu of tools. All of the tools are...

Last year, Brooklyn-based startup Light released their “dumb phone,” an inexpensive device designed to encourage you to spend less time using your smartphone.

Available now for purchase, the $350 device only performs basic functions including calls and texts as well as alarm clock features; no apps, music streaming, or internet access exist on it.

In future versions, Light will add more “tools,” including ride-sharing services, directions services, and a music playlist tool that prioritizes discovery over streaming; these will never include social media such as news or email though.

The Light Phone II builds upon this concept. Available in black or gray with an E-ink display measuring 2.84 inches in both colors, it connects via Bluetooth, headphone jack, cellular network, or micro USB and can store nine phone numbers as well as texts and alarms – even acting as a hot spot or tether for other devices!

Plus it’s unlocked for use with any carrier!

Light Phone II’s display may not be as crisp as other smartphones’ screens, making typing on it an awkward experience.

Keys are small and there is no draggable cursor or autocorrect for faster text input; accidentally sending out incorrect emojis or making typos that would otherwise be easily detectable are all too frequent occurrences on such a small device.

Other features are also impressive, such as being able to add a passcode for unlocking the phone and easily controlling which apps can be accessed.

There’s also an expandable toolbox that you can fill with useful features like a calculator, music player, and voice memo – plus you can log into their dashboard website to add even more tools and personalize your phone experience further.

The Light Phone II works on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks (Sprint customers will not have access to it), giving you the flexibility of using it either as your primary or secondary phone device.

Some users swap SIMs between devices while others connect them using services like AT&T’s NumberSync service for seamless connectivity on this secondary phone device. Furthermore, Light offers its own monthly plan at $30 to ensure connectivity on its device.

Easyfone Prime-A6 4G

Easyfone Prime-A6 4G Big Button Feature Cell Phone | Easy-to-Use | Clear Sound | Big Battery Long...
261 Reviews
Easyfone Prime-A6 4G Big Button Feature Cell Phone | Easy-to-Use | Clear Sound | Big Battery Long...
  • Classic Bar phone for calling and texting, No Internet access and without camera, Easy-to-use OS great...
  • Big buttons with backlit and talking number feature, High volume with clear sound, Big font and big icon...
  • 1050mAh real capacity battery with an easy charging dock, standby time up to 96+ hours, Just place your...
  • Powerful speaker with clear sound for easy hearing and HAC Compatible for user with hearing aid device.
  • Additional SOS button for emergency help; Eight Speed dial buttons (Dedicated direct dial keys).

For basic dumb phones with some emergency and SOS features, the Easyfone Prime-A6 4G is an excellent option. It boasts a long battery life, SOS button, flashlight, and charging dock; as well as being designed with seniors in mind; plus there are plenty of apps and games on board!

This phone comes in striking yellow, cyan, or more subdued black tones and offers fast 4G connectivity; whether yellow, cyan, or black is your preference, all models offer the ability to access the Internet more quickly than older 2G models; its battery is designed to last 96 hours of talkback FM radio support; plus there’s 48GB of onboard storage which can be expanded via MicroSD card expansion.

This classic bar design is comfortable to hold, with a bright screen for easy viewing and large buttons that make dialing easier.

Additionally, its powerful speaker offers clearer than average sound quality with different volume levels available to dialers – and M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility makes this unit suitable for those living with hearing loss.

This phone can be an ideal way to save money, while still meeting daily mobile usage needs such as browsing the web and social media. Unfortunately, its durability may be reduced after heavy usage as cracking may occur in heavy use; furthermore, it was not designed for frequent drops; Customers have reported microphone issues after four months as well as issues with its external display.

LIVELY Jitterbug Phones Flip2

LIVELY Jitterbug Flip2 Cell Phone for Seniors - Red
  • Easy-to-Use Mobile Phone: The Jitterbug Flip2 flip phone features a large screen, big buttons, powerful...
  • Help at the Touch of a Button: Dedicated Urgent Response button connects cell phone to emergency help,...
  • Reliable & Affordable Flip Phone: Lively phone has 100% U.S.-based live customer service, fast and...
  • Activate with Lively: To set up your Jitterbug flip phone arrives, contact a friendly Lively agent or...
  • Lively caring team: At the touch of a button, the Lively Response Team of caring professionals connects...

No need for a smartphone and data limits when texting from the Jitterbug Flip2, powered by the Verizon network which offers an all-in-one device and service package that includes talk, text, and medical alert features as well as support for hearing aids.

Customers can select pay-by-the-text options or all-inclusive plans tailored specifically to their needs – some even come equipped with an Urgent Care feature so seniors can connect directly with board-certified doctors or registered nurses via video chat any time they require advice or health checkup.

The Flip2 was specifically created with senior users in mind, featuring large buttons, an intuitive user interface, and bright lighting.

Being smaller than most smartphones makes it easier for seniors or people with disabilities to use. Its battery can last for 12 hours on a charge while its waterproof nature protects it against damage in case of accidental spills.

Customers love how straightforward the setup and usage are of this phone; in particular, they often highlight superior customer service as an added perk!

The Jitterbug Smart3 and Flip2 both feature Lively’s 5Star 24/7 monitoring service for emergency response, connecting to other services such as personal assistants that assist seniors in managing daily tasks while staying in contact with family and friends.

Lively Link also tracks users’ movements while sending alerts if an emergency button is pressed or the individual becomes unresponsive, providing notification for friends or caregivers when an alert has been triggered by pressing their emergency button or unresponsiveness.

The Flip2 features a 13 MP camera for taking photos or receiving pictures from loved ones. In addition, the phone features fun brain games to help users stay mentally sharp and enhance memory and spatial skills.

Both phones are compatible with most Bluetooth hearing aids for those who struggle to use touchscreens. Customers can select from different plan packages including Basic, Preferred, and Ultimate; all plans include talk, text messaging, and 5Star Service as well as access to a personal health manager, emergency response button, and GPS navigation features.

Nokia 2720 Flip 4G

Nokia 2720 Flip 4G 2.8" Dual-core 2 MP Snapdragon 205 Phone, GSM Unlocked Chinese Model, No Warranty...
  • See caller ID on the outer screen.
  • Flip the phone closed to end calls.
  • Large buttons keypad and an emergency contact button.
  • Up to 28 days of standby time from a single charge.
  • WiFi hotspot functionality.

The Nokia 2720 Flip may resemble a flip phone from the 1990s, but it boasts advanced features.

The phone features an outer display of 1.3 inches to show notifications and who is calling, as well as an inner display measuring 2.8 inches that lets users read texts or view social media apps.

Hearing aid compatible and featuring an LED flashlight are other notable attributes. Running on KaiOS, users will have access to popular applications like YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp – perfect for everyday life!

Kai Store provides access to additional applications, though its selection is somewhat limited compared to smartphone app stores.

The Nokia 2720 Flip features a dual-core 1.1GHz processor with 512MB internal storage; 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a 2MP rear camera, plus removable batteries that last 26 days on standby time.

Suitable for anyone seeking digital detox or just needing basic phone functionality without too many apps installed on it, the Nokia 2720 Flip makes an excellent option.

HMD Global has seen great success with its retro reimaginings of classic Nokia phones. HMD Global recently introduced the Nokia 2720 V Flip which bridges the gap between feature phone and smartphone features with its flip design, external notification screen, and 4G hotspot capability as well as Google Assistant integration.

It makes an excellent option for people wanting a reliable texting/calling device without being distracted by social media distractions or looking for basic communication needs.

Nokia once reigned supreme when it came to flip phones with its iconic 3310 model. Today, however, their 2720 Flip phone stands up against this competition by offering similar features, but at an even more reasonable $80 price point.

The Nokia 2720 V Flip may not aim to compete with modern smartphones, but it still packs many features not found elsewhere in this price range.

These include its 1.3-inch external display which shows who is calling, its large numeric keypad, and Google Assistant button which enables voice command searches of websites or voice calls with ease.

Furthermore, it features a 2MP rear camera capability as well as being a potential hotspot.

Nokia 6300 4G

Nokia 6300 4G | Unlocked | Dual SIM | WiFi Hotspot | Social Apps | Google Maps and Assistant | Light...
  • Keep the conversations flowing with WhatsApp and Facebook.Form_factor : Bar.Aspect ratio:4:3.Display...
  • Stream what you like, when you like on YouTube
  • Enjoy the ease of 4G and share a connection with the WiFi hotspot
  • Get answers, call friends or organize plans in an instant with Google Assistant
  • Count on Nokia 6300 4G for smooth performance and signature durability. This device works with all GSM...

A modern remake of Nokia classics, this feature phone offers you fast mobile browsing with its 4G connection and WiFi, compatibility with WhatsApp and Facebook as well as voice command support via Google Assistant.

In addition, its decent camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor power source, and durable construction are designed to keep up with life.

HMD Global regularly refreshes their traditional Nokia handsets for those who prefer buttons over touchscreens, with HMD Global recently unveiling the Nokia 6300 4G being just another example.

Boasting a classic candy bar design and 4G for fast mobile browsing and WiFi capabilities (with our 1500mAh model even offering headphone port functionality for music listening), support for WhatsApp and Facebook as well as portable Wi-Fi hotspotting for other devices makes the Nokia 6300 4G an attractive option for users who value this type of handset.

The 6300 runs KaiOS, a software specifically tailored for low-cost basic feature phones with limited resources that is capable of running apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Google Maps.

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor with 512MB RAM and 4GB expandable storage via microSD card as well as 2MP camera; available exclusively on Verizon network in US Mobile version with 2.4-inch display offering 320 x 240 resolution display resolution.

4G networks have quickly become the standard in mobile networking technology, but their capabilities continue to advance quickly and get better over time.

At present, 4G boasts a latency of approximately 50 milliseconds – nearly 100% faster than 3G! That means smoother browsing of websites and streaming of videos online; power savings over previous generations of networks; plus longer-lasting texts and minutes!

Unfortunately, however, the 6300 doesn’t boast quite the same 4G capabilities as modern smartphones but remains plenty fast enough for texting and web browsing; its durability and performance make it an excellent option!

Easyfone T300 4G

Easyfone T300 4G Unlocked Flip Cell Phone for Seniors | Easy-to-Use | Big Buttons | Clear Sound |...
  • Classic flip design, Flip to answer calls; Big button with talking numbers feature for easy dialing,...
  • 2.4" HD Main Display + 1.44" External colorful HD screen, Big font & big icon for easy viewing.
  • 1500mAh battery for long time standby with an easy cradle charger, Just place the phone on its stand, and...
  • Powerful speaker with clear sound for easy hearing and HAC Compatible for user with hearing aid device.
  • Additional SOS Button, 8 Photo Speed Dial Buttons(8 number keys can be set); 3 dedicated shortcut button...

For classic flip phones, the Easyfone T300 is one of the best choices available.

Equipped with 30 applications and voice features to make dialing numbers simpler, its red clamshell design, large 2.4-inch main display screen, and SOS button (which automatically contacts everyone on your emergency contact list until someone answers), this classic device has many appealing qualities that make it ideal for everyday use.

This phone runs KaiOS and features an intuitive, user-friendly interface for effortless navigation. With Google Search, YouTube and maps preinstalled as well as hearing aid compatibility – plus 4G/LTE networks so internet-dependent apps will download faster – this long talk time of up to 7 hours with up to 96+ hours standby time makes this phone ideal for users with difficulty hearing.

Finally, it features a loud and clear speaker making this perfect for users with hearing issues.

T-Mobile and its virtual networks, including MetroPCS, Lyca Mobile, Tello Mobile, Mint Mobile SpeedTalk Mobile, and Ultra Mobile; however it cannot connect with AT&T or CDMA networks.

It features a big 1500mAh battery with an external 1.4-inch screen that supports voice and data connectivity as well as waterproof protection – an attractive feature for seniors who spend time outdoors.

Available in three colors for seniors who require sturdy cell phone solutions at an affordable price point – however due to limited external screen protection you should avoid dropping or subjecting it to water damage!

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