Best Demolition Hammers 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

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best demolition hammers

When it comes to crushing concrete, few machines can get the job done quickly and efficiently – one of them is the demolition hammer.

Whether you’re removing thick tree roots, tearing down a wall, or want to remove the driveway in front of your home, there’s hardly a better solution than using a demolition hammer.

Demolition hammers are machines that can concentrate a huge amount of force in a specific spot. When used properly, they can be much more efficient and precise than a hand hammer, providing much more destructive power. They can be the perfect machines for large and bulky tasks, which will save you a lot of effort and clutter.

In this guide, we will introduce you to everything you need to know about the best demolition hammers. If you want to skip the reviews, we recommend getting the BOSCH 11321EVS Demolition Hammer.

A Spotlight on Some of the Best Demolition Hammers 2022

13.7 lbs
Power Source: Corded Electric
9.6 foot-pound impact energy
1300-2900 BPM
Makita HM1203C
20,3 lbs
Power Source: Corded Electric
18,8 foot-pound impact energy
950-1900 BPM
46 lbs
Power Source: Corded Electric
45 foot-pound impact energy
1400 BPM
24,8 lbs
Power Source: Corded Electric
18,5 foot-pound impact energy
2040 BPM
Mophorn 3500W
40.6 lbs
Power Source: Corded Electric
44 foot-pound impact energy
1400 BPM

Demolition Hammers Reviews

BOSCH 11321EVS Demolition Hammer

Bosch is a brand name to reckon with when you speak of high-performance power tools. They also manufacture demolition hammers.

The speed rating of Bosch’s demolition hammer is rated at 2900 blows in one minute, which makes it rank the highest compared to other power tools in this article. The electric motor in the demolition hammer is highly efficient and is rated at 13 amps for lower power consumption.

One amazing thing about the Bosch demolition hammer is that it uses the low power consumption of its electric motor for speeding. Bosch provides a variable speed trigger in the demolition hammer. So, adjusting the speed is not much of a problem.

The Bosch demolition hammer is built with the best materials, which makes it last longer and is quite reliable. The warranty lasts for 12 months.

  • Adjusting the speed is not much of a problem with the variable speed trigger.
  • It is built with quality materials
  • The speed rating is the highest
  • Expensive demolition hammer

Makita HM1203C Demolition Hammer

The Makita Demolition Hammer is very powerful. It can expend about 18.8 foot-pounds of impact energy. One distinct feature that distinguishes the Makita demolition hammer from among its class is that it has a 14amp electric motor with an inconsistent speed of 950-1900BPM. This speed is one of the highest when compared to others.

The weight of the Makita demolition hammer is 20.3pounds, and the length is measured at 22-¾ inches.

It has some distinctive features like an LED service light that indicates when to change the brushes. It also has an LED power light if there is cord damage or failure in the switch. That is greatly useful when on the worksite.

You don’t need to stress yourself to change position when performing some demotion work because it has 12 angles that you can choose from. It also has a speed control area to keep its speed in check when under loads, and the soft start is there to keep the demolition hammer accurate when starting up.

The handle is soft to grab and doesn’t stress the user. It is helpful for those with sweaty hands. It also has an automatic brush cut-off tool that makes the demolition hammer last longer.

  • It has a significant influence on EV and BPM
  • It has a 14 amp motor
  • It has a speed control checker
  • Features a soft start to maintain accuracy
  • Difficulty in controlling vibration

XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer Concrete Breaker

There are various brands of power tools that produce different designs of heavy-duty products. But, the XtremepowerUS is a popular brand for manufacturing power tools and demolition hammers.

As the name implies, it is perfect for demolition, trenching, chipping, breaking holes in concrete, brick, etc. The uses abound!

This demolition hammer packs a 20-amp electric motor. That rating is high compared to the others on this list. Working with 110-volt electricity gives you a power rating of 2200 watts.

The build quality of this power tool is not encouraging as they could have slightly improved it for the given price. Because this is a heavy-duty power tool and is not so expensive, you have the privilege of getting a two-year-long warranty. Should there be any damage within the two years, you can replace it. That grants you the advantage of relaxing and enjoying your power tool.

The demolition hammer provides an easy and better grip because of a 360-degree adjustable foregrip. That makes it easy to conveniently adjust it depending on the positioning you need for each work.

  • It features an adjustable 360-degree foregrip for easier and better grip
  • High powered electric motor
  • It offers the privilege of getting a long warranty
  • Build quality does not match the given price and can be improved

DEWALT D25901K Demolition Hammer

The D25901K demolition hammer made by DeWalt offers users the simplicity of using one hand to operate the tool. The impact energy produced by the electric motor is 13.2-foot-pounds, and the motor runs at 14 amps. The SDS-MAX device has a curb weight of 21.2 pounds. That makes the weight about the same as other demolition hammers in the same category.

The maximum speed is 2,040 beats per minute. That comes in handy for undertakings requiring a lot of power. DeWalt employed a beat component that doesn’t use air pumping to prevent dust from entering the device. The handle has a 150-degree adjustment range and a 360-degree rotation range.

There are twelve settings for the chisel on the demolition hammer, making it easier and quicker to modify. Because of this, demolition may be done quickly and easily by the operator.

To keep its interior workings safe, it contains dust stamps swollen with springs. While using this demolition hammer, you may use the DWH053K model’s dust extractor system to keep the work area clean and debris-free. DeWalt’s demolition hammer has a three-year limited guarantee, which is unusual. It aids in the user’s ability to utilize the gadget comfortably.

  • The handle is easy to grip
  • The on/off design of the switch made it usable with one hand
  • You can control the vibrations
  • There are reports about the tool stopping at intervals

Mophorn 3500W Electric Heavy Duty Concrete Breaker

This little hammer packs a big punch. A powerful 1400 BPM is delivered, and the rotating handle may be turned 360 degrees for added comfort.

It also features a grip on the rear that absorbs vibrations. Durability is increased due to solid metal elements in the insulating shield. Vents incorporated inside the protective cover prevent overheating, which benefits the design. Cable roots are covered with a sheath to preserve their internal components.

The Mophorn 3500W demolition hammer is sold in a package that includes a 16-inch ballpoint and flat chisel capable of being mounted with relative ease. As its name suggests, you may use the demolition hammer to shatter concrete, drive rods, dig trenches, remove asphalt, and perform various other tasks. Use it to bind loose components. The motor with a copper core and a big cylinder made of steel alloy is robust and long-lasting when treated with care.

The tool is 37.4 inches long and 40.6 pounds heavy. In addition to the chisels, it also includes additional supplies like gloves, hex wrenches, carbon brushes, and an instruction manual. All of these are included in the package.

  • Sturdy and well-protected components
  • It has vents that prevent overheating
  • It lasts a long time
  • It’s really heavy

Demolition Hammers Buying Guide

Types of demolition hammers

There are three main types of demolition hammers – pneumatic, hydraulic and electric.

Of course, each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pneumatic demolition hammers

The main difference between the different types of demolition hammers is their way of working. Pneumatic models work with compressed air. Traditional ones are pneumatic.

They are an excellent choice for softer materials, which require more precision when breaking.

Keep in mind that they are not as useful for concrete or masonry.

Hydraulic demolition hammers

For large projects such as working in mines, most professionals prefer hydraulic models. They are much larger and more powerful than electric and pneumatic ones.

They are excellent at crushing stones and digging on a large scale.

However, if you need a demolition hammer for light construction work or a small construction site – hydraulic models will not help you, as they are large and heavy, respectively, you do not have much control over them and therefore suffer from precision.

Electric demolition hammers

These models are widely used because they are more versatile and compact. In fact, the size varies according to different characteristics, but compared to hydraulic or pneumatic hammers – these are smaller.

As you may have guessed, they are powered by the mains and have an electric motor. Most professionals use these for lighter repairs and smaller construction sites.

Pointed and flat chisels

Depending on what the hammer will be used for, it also matters what kind of chisel will be used.

Pointed and flat chisels can chop or dig.

In most cases, you will find a chisel set with the hammer, and if you need something different – you will have to buy it separately. However, before you decide on a specific model of a hammer, check whether it supports additional chisels and if so – what exactly.

Work capacity

The next thing you need to consider is the work capacity of the demolition hammer.

In terms of capacity – there is a large selection of models. To assess the working capacity, it is good to check the power of the motor. Typically, the power of most demolition hammers varies from 1,500 watts to 4,000 watts.

Also directly related to work capacity is blows per minute.

Hammers with more blows per minute are more suitable for softer and more fragile materials, and models with fewer blows per minute are more suitable for harder materials such as concrete.

In addition to the work capacity, the force of the impact also contributes. It shows you how much energy the demolition hammer emits with each stroke. If it releases a large amount of energy – then the force of the blow is greater and therefore more effective.


The demolition hammer is usually used for many hours. Therefore, it is important to feel comfortable when working with it.

To determine whether a model will be comfortable for you, look at its handles in more detail. Some models have one handle, others – have two. Nevertheless, we recommend that in addition to looking more closely, you should also go to the store and maintain the selected models and decide which is the most convenient.

The weight of each demolition hammer also plays an important role in whether it will be comfortable for longer work.

Some tasks will require you to hold the demolition hammer at a different angle. If the model has a side handle, this will help and facilitate your work.

Strength and durability

The quality of the assembly and the materials used are of great importance for such machines. Demolition hammers are used in harsh conditions – dirt, dust, water, and the risk of falling or an impact. Of course, in such conditions, you would want a machine that is made of high-quality materials.

Most demolition hammers have metal or molded plastic bases. Also, when choosing, make sure that the motor is well protected on the outside.


Maintaining machines such as demolition hammers is a big challenge.

Sometimes it can also be that we overestimate the machine and actually use it beyond its capabilities. Therefore, in such situations, it is good to have a guarantee. Most well-known brands such as Bosch and DeWalt offer a warranty for one or two years.

Make sure that when choosing a brand and model of demolition hammer you are familiar with the warranty and conditions of the manufacturer on it.

Sometimes there may be a separate warranty for the motor and other parts of the machine.

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