Best Circular Saws 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

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best circular saws

Cutting and drilling are the two main activities for turning a few pieces of wood into a table, chair, chest of drawers, wardrobe, library, etc. If you deal with wood, of course, you just can not do without the right tools.

Traditional appliances are now quite obsolete and modern carpentry has been taken over by power tools. However, when it comes to cutting, the circular saw is one of the most versatile tools you can get.

Not only beginners but also many professionals with some experience may feel overwhelmed by the current market offerings. There are so many models, so different from each other, that the choice sometimes turns out to be unthinkable.

We have prepared this guide just to help you deal with this situation. You will find all the necessary information about circular saws, after which you will easily be able to make the best possible choice. If you want our opinion on the best circular saw, we say to get the DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw.

A Spotlight on Some of the Best Circular Saws 2022

DeWalt DWE575SB
4146d yM4CS. SL100
Weight: ‎8.8 lbs
Power Source: Corded Electric
Speed: ‎5200 RPM
15 AMP
Blade Length: 4 Inches
Milwaukee 2732-20 M18
41edZDVkwsL. SL100
Weight: ‎10.75 lbs
Power Source: Cordless
Speed: 5800 RPM
Blade Length: 7.25 Inches
Rockwell RK3440K
41pvyC1WYeL. SL100
Weight: 4 lbs
Power Source: Corded Electric
Speed: 3500 RPM
Blade Length: 3-3/8 Inches
413Z17+jGsL. SL100
Weight: 8.60 lbs
Power Source: Corded Electric
Speed: 5300 RPM
15 AMP
Blade Length: 4 Inches
SKIL 5280-01
5107WNhmhpS. SL100
Weight: 8.7 lbs
Power Source: Corded Electric
Speed: 5300 RPM
15 AMP
Blade Length: ‎7.25 Inches

Circular Saws Reviews

Let’s dive into the review of the best circular saws in the market today.

DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw

DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake, 15-Amp, Corded (DWE575SB) , Yellow
button bosch

DeWalt is the first name on our list of the top circular saws. For circular saws, DeWalt DWE575SB is among the best, so it gets so many great online and in-person reviews. It’s well known among professionals.

The DWE575SB has a great design and is one of the lightest saws in its class. It’s a great choice for anybody who does their home improvement work or works as a general contractor who has to use a circular saw regularly.

Aside from this, DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw caught our attention for reasons like its powerful but lightweight design. That alone reduces the fatigue associated with most engineering works. You can work more hours without feeling stressed, encouraging you to work smarter instead.

The DWE575SB, one of the smallest circular saws in the market, weighs only 8.8 pounds, yet it doesn’t sacrifice power.

If you’re a remodeler or general contractor, you’d tell that a 5,200 RPM maximum speed is ideal for most projects. When used in conjunction with other devices in your arsenal, it’s an efficient design that can hold its own in terms of productivity.

  • A fantastic saw for everyday work
  • It’s lightweight and a perfect saw for contractors.
  • Features an Electric braking mechanism that halts the blade in 2 seconds.
  • The blade wavers after prolonged use.

Milwaukee 2732-20 M18 Circular Saw

Milwaukee 2732-20 M18 FUEL 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw

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The Milwaukee 2732-20 M18 circular saw features a brushless motor, demonstrating why these upgraded motors are preferred when buying a new power tool.

The brushless motor of the Milwaukee 2732-20 will be discussed later, but there is a lot more to like about the saw itself. The sturdy and lightweight construction reduces fatigue, and recoil damage is less likely to happen.

Electric power tools with brushed motors are gradually outdated as manufacturers and experts strive to create more reliable and robust cordless equipment.

For example, the Milwaukee 2732-20 M18’s brushless motor enhances runtime by up to two times. It provides a three-fold improvement in durability over circular saws with brushed dc motors on the market today.

The brushless motor allows it to last longer than other circular saws, allowing you to get more work done in a shorter amount of time. As a matter of fact, a circular saw with a brushless motor, and a rechargeable battery will serve you for many years to come.

  • This is the fastest slicing circular saw we’ve ever tested.
  • It comes with a complete feature set, including an adapter for a dust port.
  • Excellent ergonomics.
  • There are no significant disadvantages.

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut Circular Saw

Rockwell Versacut 4.0 Amp Ultra-Compact Circular Saw with Laser Indicator and 3-Blade Kit with Carry Case – RK3440K

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The Rockwell RK3440K Versacut circular saw is an excellent choice for anybody searching for a highly flexible and ergonomic tool. The Versacut’s one-handed operation is made possible by its sleek form.

If you need to do a lot of DIY projects around your house or garage, this is the tool for you. To ensure precise cutting, it comes equipped with a laser guide as standard.

Wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, and even certain metals like aluminum and sheet metal may all be cut using the Versacut. This circular saw comes with three blades bundled alongside. You have the 24T carbide-tipped blade for cutting wood.

The 44T HSS blade deals with PVC and Aluminum and a diamond blade for cutting cement boards and tiles.

  • It’s great for small projects.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around.
  • It comes with three blades.
  • It is barely 4 pounds in weight.
  • This product is not intended for heavy-duty or large applications.
  • There are few reports of kickbacks if mishandled.

SKILSAW SPT67WL-01 Circular Saw

413Z17+jGsL. SL250

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The SPT67WL-01 is a lightweight circular saw that weighs less than 9 pounds, making it one of the lightest professional circular saws on the market. When working on long-term tasks, you will quickly realize the difference that a lightweight saw can make in your productivity. It comes with a 10-foot power cord which allows you to extend your range without worrying about the battery dying.

Don’t let its small size fool you into thinking it lacks power, accuracy, or adaptability. Even if you work for a lengthy time, the 15-amp motor will stay cool. It’s capable of doing 5300rpm. This is an excellent option for professionals, hobbyists, and those who do construction work.

This circular saw makes it easier to achieve beveled cuts in soft, hard, or engineered wood. You can achieve that by tilting its standard-sized blade up to 56 degrees. The 45-degree till lock speeds up routine cuts.

With the depth-of-cut mechanism, you may quickly adjust the saw for typical depths commonly used in daily operations. The SKILSAW comes with an inbuilt dust blower. With that, you can maintain a visible cut line for the precision you need.

  • It weighs only 8.6 pounds.
  • Lengthy Power cord
  • High-capacity motor
  • There have been a few complaints about the difficulty of adjusting the depth.

SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw

5107WNhmhpS. SL250

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The SKIL 5280-01 is a circular saw that offers exceptional pricing without compromising quality or performance.

SKIL shines when it comes to producing high-quality items at an affordable price for a wide range of clients. In other words, not only is the SKIL 5280-01 a great circular saw for the money, but it’s also a decent tool for the job.

The SKIL 5280-01 model has a lot going on in a compact package. The inbuilt single beam laser allows you to make incredibly exact cuts as it directs your cuts with pinpoint accuracy. Cutting with the SKIL 5280-01 circular saw is easier. Thanks to its laser line of sight, an increasingly common feature in modern power tools.

This works well in dark and light environments (albeit it won’t be as bright as a darker setting), making it suitable for most circumstances.

With this gadget, you have no excuses for making uneven cuts, especially when paired with a dust blower that helps to clear your line of sight.

  • There is plenty of power in the 15-amp motor.
  • It comes in a lightweight and smart industrial design
  • It has a built-in laser guide if that’s a plus for you.
  • We have the option of removing or retaining the laser guidance. It could be a plus for some people, though.

Circular Saws Buying Guide

What are circular saws?

Circular saws are electric (in some rare cases petrol) saws that can easily cut many materials.

Such machines have long since replaced the old hand saws, work with which is not only exhausting but far from efficient.

These saws are mostly used for making longitudinal, transverse, and mixed cuts, in all cases – straight.

The machine has a powerful motor that drives a toothed or abrasive disk or blade. The disk rotates at great speed around its axis and thus provides you with unimaginable opportunities to cut almost anything.

Different models, of course, can offer you a wide variety of options.

However, most of them (combined with the right disc) will be able to handle not only wood but also plastic, masonry, and even metal.

Although circular saws can also be found in a mounted desktop version, most craftsmen prefer to work with a compact circular saw. This is because this machine can give them some freedom of movement and significantly expands their working capabilities.

Circular saws are dizzyingly powerful and can be used in a variety of carpentry situations. If you choose wisely and know exactly what you need, you will certainly be satisfied with your new acquisition.

What are the main advantages of circular saws?

Just by imagining what beasts these machines are, you certainly realize how well they perform in many different situations. However, considerable power and cutting capabilities are not the only things that tempt the various master carpenters.

Circular saws have a number of advantages over other cutting tools. In this section, we will introduce you to the most important ones.


One of the biggest advantages of circular saws is definitely their portability. They are not forever confined to the same place as their desktop cousins.

Not only are they not riveted to a specific desktop – circular saws are quite light and compact machines that you can take with you almost anywhere.

In addition, in many cases, different models are available in cordless variants. This in turn can bring you a number of other benefits.

Cutting options

Another key advantage of circular saws is definitely the cutting possibilities that these machines can provide you.

And in this case, it’s not just about what materials you can cut with a tool. No, we’re talking about the huge variety of cuts you can get with a well-chosen circular saw.

Circular saws are in any case the best for making straight cuts. However, with careful and thoughtful use, they could make many decorative cuts with considerable efficiency.

You could make a pretty good corner and cross cuts, you could even reshape an object without even having to change the cutting blade on your machine.

Very few cutting tools can offer you such a variety of applications for the cuts they make.

Wide variety of accessories

For each tool, you could get additional accessories. However, the variety of these is really significant. With the help of well-chosen extras in any case you will facilitate your cutting process.

For example, you can get LED lighting that allows you to work even in difficult visibility. You could also look for a quick charger to ensure that your machine charges as quickly as possible.

All this will not only save you time but will also contribute really seriously to your work process.


Circular saws are extremely easy to maintain and ultimately do their job extremely reliably. This is what makes them one of the best and in a sense mandatory tools for any type of carpentry.

However, manufacturers of circular saws are not just satisfied with efficient machines. They have taken the utmost care of their potential customers by providing them with both right-handed and left-handed models.

You just have to choose the right machine for yourself and then there is nothing to stand in your way.

What to consider when choosing a circular saw?

Well, you can see for yourself how many advantages circular saws have over many other saw competitors in the field. Keep in mind that their capabilities and potential are far from limited to everything we have shared with you.

In any case, no matter how much you are already passionate about circular saws, you still have hard work to do. To choose the best possible machine for yourself, there are a bunch of things you need to think about beforehand.

Circular saws have a number of features and characteristics that you need to pay due attention to before you get the right machine for yourself. Don’t worry – in this section, we will introduce you to everything you need to know when choosing a circular saw.


At the moment on the market, you can find a variety of models of circular saws. However, they can be divided into two types according to their design, depending on where their engine is positioned.

For almost a century, circular saws with a motor mounted at the rear of the tool have been used. It uses a specialized helical gear that is positioned at a 90-degree angle and allows it to rotate the cutting disc.

It is no coincidence that this design has lasted so long on the carpentry work scene. The positioning of the motor and the way it works provide this type of circular saw with a significant number of advantages.

Thanks to its design, the body of the machine become significantly narrower. This, in turn, allows it to pass through narrower spaces without any problems.

On the other hand, the specialized helical gear of these models provides them with significantly more torque. The rear position of the engine manages to evenly distribute the weight of the machine and make it comfortable and stable.

Unfortunately, along with the advantages always come certain disadvantages. Additional gears, for example, increase the weight of these models. At the same time, the back-positioning of the motor makes it difficult to hand position, and in many cases, this hinders novice carpenters.

An alternative to rear-positioned models is models with a motor positioned on the side of the machine. They are also called direct-drive (Sidewinder) circular saws because a circular gear rotates directly on the cutting blade of the tool.

Such models are more comfortable to grip and also significantly lighter. This is what makes them easier to manage.

In addition, circular saws in most cases manage to generate higher revolutions per minute than their competitors. Unfortunately, the laterally positioned motor shifts the weight to one side of the machine. At the same time, these models generate less torque.

Power supply

No matter what power tools of this nature are involved, they always rely on the power supply. Circular saws are no different.

When looking for your future machine, you will need to consider whether you want a model that is powered by a cable or one that draws its power from a battery.

Nowadays, people are increasingly leaning toward cordless models. This is understandable as technology evolves and these tools definitely offer you a lot of conveniences. However, you shouldn’t exclude the cable version from your consideration.

Cable-powered machines still retain some of their benefits. They connect to a standard 120-volt outlet and draw their power from it.

In many cases, such models will give you significantly more power. This is because a constant connection to the power supply allows them to work with larger electric motors.

In addition, a constant power supply ensures that the saw will run smoothly until you switch it off. These models are not dependent on battery life and this means that they always run at full power.

Unfortunately, the biggest advantage is often the most serious disadvantage. The power cord can be a particularly annoying obstacle to your work. You must constantly consider not only its position but also the availability of a suitable power source in the work area.

Battery models, on the other hand, are much more modern and offer their users much more technology.

These circular saws are becoming more and more sophisticated. In addition, modern lithium-ion batteries can be exchanged between various other power tools.

Yes, with such a model you remain dependent on battery life. However, the power shortage in cordless circular saws has already been largely a problem in the past.


Various manufacturers use several basic tools to describe the power of their circular saws. For many newcomers to woodworking, these may not be very clear.

Power ratings should be found in the description of each product. They are in accordance with the cable models, but can also vary with cordless circular saws depending on the condition of the battery.

One option is to find out about the power of a machine relative to its amps. This determines the amount of current that a machine can carry without overheating or being damaged.

This evaluation shows the tool’s ability to absorb and dissipate heat. For faster cooling, you should focus on circular saws, which operate at higher speeds per minute.

We advise you to look for circular saws operating at around or more than 15 amps for optimal efficiency. Motors with less than 13 amps are especially suitable for light tasks and less regular use.

However, the capacity of cordless models is measured in ampere-hours. This rating indicates the level of amperes that a model’s battery can deliver in one hour.

Of course, this rating is determined under ideal conditions and a fully charged battery. However, keep in mind that most ampere-hours mean a more durable machine.

When it comes to cordless circular saws, another feature you should pay attention to is their volts. They indicate the charging potential of your battery.

Most individual batteries in a package deliver 3.6 volts. When assembled, they actually give the battery more power.

In any case, in the description of most products, you will find the estimate of their power in watts. The situation is simple – the more watts, the more powerful the machine.


When it comes to the saw blade of your future circular saw, there are two main things you need to pay proper attention to. On the one hand, these are the dimensions of the blade, and on the other – its appearance.

Most professional carpenters determine the size of their circular saw according to the size of the blade with which it works. There are different models, but now we will pay attention to the most basic.

Although there are smaller saws, 6-5 inches is the minimum below which you should not go down for woodworking purposes. The depth of cut with a similar model reaches about 2.25 inches.

Most products of this size will not offer you a lot of accessories. You will rarely come across a tilting blade in these models.

On the other hand, 7.25-inch circular saws are probably the most common. That’s why these models can usually offer you the most additional features.

In the process of cutting with most of them, you will be able to reach a depth of 2.5 inches. At the same time, however, these machines are becoming heavier and similarly more expensive than their 6.5-inch competitors.

If you spend a little more money and are looking for something more powerful – you should focus on circular saws with a blade of 8.25 inches. The depth of cut with such a model will not be much different, but at an angle, these machines can penetrate deeper.

However, such an instrument would in any case be a heavier idea. At the same time, you will not be able to supply it with a wide variety of blades.

10.25-inch circular saws are now specialized in professional use. They are really serious models that penetrate to a depth of 3.75 inches. At the same time, however, they are much more expensive and significantly heavier.


As you already know, the second thing you need to know about the blades of circular saws comes down to the peculiarities of their types.

First of all, you need to choose a blade that matches the size of your machine. Then you have to choose the type of cutting disc depending on the purpose for which you intend to use it.

The blades of circular saws can be divided into several types depending on their characteristics.

There are specialized blades for cross-cutting. They have more teeth that allow them to make a quality cut through the wood grain.

The tearing blades have fewer teeth at a greater distance from each other. They are designed specifically for tearing with the grain of the tree.

Of course, there are also combined models, which are something between cross-cutting blades and tear-off blades. They do a decent job with most tasks, but they can’t get to the level of specialized alternatives in their own fields anyway.

You can also find specially designed blades, which are a kind of universal category. They can do brilliantly by cutting fine edges or various finishes.

Of course, you have to choose the type of blade according to your own goals. Keep in mind, however, that it’s always a good idea to have several types of blades on hand. After all, you never know what you might need in a situation.


Your own comfort is something you must take into account when choosing a circular saw. Working with your future machine should feel natural and not create unnecessary stress.

If you ensure comfortable daily work in all circumstances, you will witness significantly better tasks.

To contribute to your own comfort, we recommend that you look for handles covered with rubber materials. They absorb vibrations and make your work easier. In addition, the slip-resistant texture will certainly make the machine more stable and therefore more controlled.

Also, make sure you consider how well-balanced a model is before you decide to get one. Particular attention should be paid to this with models with a side-positioned engine. Also, keep in mind that inserting the battery should not make the machine in your hands unstable.

The ergonomic controls of your future circular saw are another thing we recommend you strive for. Easy access to the machine controls, as well as the reliance on the controls themselves in all circumstances, will make your work much more natural, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Remember – it is your own comfort that will guarantee you a better job.

Gadgets and functionality

Your own comfort is just one of the things that will make your work much more enjoyable. However, in order to achieve the best possible results, it is definitely worth considering the overall functionality of your future machine.

You are already aware of the main features of circular saws. Now, however, we want to draw your attention to those additional gadgets that can enrich your work process.

Keep in mind that many of the models you are likely to come across may offer you the option of chamfering the cutting angle. It is especially useful if you want to make not only straight but also beveled cuts.

It is also important to choose a machine that allows you to change your discs quickly and easily. This will certainly save you time, effort, and nerves.

Keep in mind that many of the circular saws you come across will offer you different adjustment options. These may include speed control and more.

When using your future machine, make sure you make the most out of the options it offers. Adjust it so that it does its job as efficiently as possible and at the same time with minimal effort on your part.

It is also important to consider the safety systems of your future circular saw. The electric brake, which stops the spinning wheel immediately after a power failure, is almost mandatory.

Not only will it tame the enraged teeth of the beast in your hands, but at the same time, it will allow you to both interrupt your work faster and start it sooner.

For many circular saws, the guide rails are simply a must-have. They adhere tightly to the treated surface and provide smooth movement to the blade.

However, if you want to stick perfectly to the line, you will also need a laser guide.

How to use your circular saw?

Well, you already know absolutely everything you need about circular saws. Now we are sure that you will make the best possible choice.

However, buying such a machine is just the beginning. Your joint work on various projects is yet to come.

However, keep in mind that the use of powerful circular saws can be especially dangerous. To protect you from potentially harmful situations, in this section we have prepared some key safety tips for using a circular saw.

Read the user manual

Before you even start using your new acquisition, it is a must to read its user guide.

It will give you information on exactly how to treat your circular saw, how to use it and how to act in certain potential situations.

Every manufacturer takes care to create such a guide, especially for their tools. That’s why trust it and get to know it in detail.

Always wear protective equipment

Wearing protective equipment in this type of carpentry work is simply mandatory. If you are not well equipped, you can seriously damage your own health even by performing the simplest work operations.

The obligatory components, in this case, are two – these are ear protectors and goggles. The ear protectors will protect your ears not only from loud noise but also from potentially flying splinters. The glasses will take care of the safety of your eyes.

Chips and dust that are released during the cutting process can be particularly harmful, so beware.

Take care of your circular saw

Good care of your circular saw will guarantee not only its but also your own health. That is why before using your machine, you must carefully inspect it.

Any irregularity could be fatal for both the machine and you. We advise you to pay special attention to the lower guide, as the behavior of the cutting disc largely depends on it.

Also, if you use a cordless model, be sure to remove the battery before inspecting.

Hold your circular saw correctly

Whatever circular saw you have, make sure you hold it properly while working. This will ensure not only a full but also a safe work activity.

You already know that there are both left-handed and right-handed models. The main thing in this case, however, is not so much with which hand you hold the main and with which the auxiliary handle.

It is important to remember that whatever you do, you should not cross your arms. It doesn’t matter if you have a left or a right-handed circular saw. If you do not cross your arms, managing it should be relatively easy and intuitive.

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