Best Cell Camera for Hunting in 2022

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best cell camera for hunting

The best cell camera for hunting has many advantages, including the ability to send pictures to your cell phone without any user interaction. It can also be used to record game crossings and show live views on your phone, which eliminates guesswork and the need to review pictures on a tiny screen.

It can capture pictures in 4K/1296P HD and has clear audio. It also has a power-saving mode. So, if you’re planning to go hunting this year, you should definitely invest in an excellent cellular camera. We recommend getting the CREATIVE XP GlassRaven LTE Cell Camera.


The Link-MicroLTE carries on the tradition of the Micro family with incredible performance. It opens the door to the definitive mobile scouting solution at an affordable price. With this new cell camera, you can now see what you’ve been missing in the woods without spending an arm and a leg. Read on to learn more about the Link-MicroLTE.

The Spypoint Link-Micro cell camera is extremely compact. The housing is camouflaged, and it uses a single clip for mounting. The Link-Micro also features a rechargeable battery and a solar panel for charging. Regardless of the time of day or season, this camera is easy to install and can capture a wide range of images.

The Spypoint LINK-MICRO Cellular Trail Camera has the capability to capture photos up to 10MP in color. Its 0.5-second trigger speed ensures that the camera captures up to two photos per detection.

Whether you’re out in the woods during the day or hunting at night, the LINK-MICRO Cellular Trail Camera is the perfect way to watch what you’re doing in the field.

Another great feature of the Spypoint LINK-MICRO-S-LTE is its solar panel technology. This feature helps the camera to operate with the sun’s energy, making it a viable hunting camera for hunters. The integrated solar panel and LIT-10 lithium battery make this cell camera extremely mobile. Its battery capacity means that it can be used wherever you go, even in remote locations.

Unlike some cell cameras, Spypoint’s Link-Micro cellular trail camera has excellent trigger speed, a two-inch color LCD, and an intuitive backlit four-way menu button. It is compatible with all kinds of camera trap setups and can capture up to 20MP GPS-tagged images.

With a 0.3-0.7 second trigger speed and 120 ft. of nighttime infrared illumination, the Link-Micro can capture a lot of information without requiring batteries.

Cuddeback CuddeLink Powerhouse IR Cell Trail Camera (AT&T Model)

The CuddeBack CuddeLink’s new PowerHouse IR Cell Trail Camera utilizes a wireless network of up to 24 other cameras in order to transmit their images to one another. The powerful camera has an invisible infrared flash and 56 high-power infrared LEDs.

Its lightning-fast trigger speed allows for clear, crisp images, and the camera also boasts a 20MP/1080p resolution for high-quality pictures. The trail camera also boasts three different operation modes for convenience: “Trail mode,” “Advanced” and “Surveillance” modes.

The PowerHouse IR Cell Trail Camera can see up to four miles away in open terrain and a quarter-mile in dense forest. Each camera can be linked together automatically in a daisy chain to extend the range of photo transmission.

The powerhouse IR cell camera can be paired with any cell phone with an internet connection. If you are using a wireless network, you don’t need to purchase a separate cell phone, because it uses the data plan that comes with your smartphone.

The CuddeLink Power House IR Cell features a waterproof camera and is compatible with a 32GB SD card. It also includes a No Card Mode for recording images without an SD card. The camera is powered by four D batteries and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. CuddeLink Cell is a great solution for hunters who live far away from their hunting properties.

The CuddeBack IR Cell Trail Camera has the fastest trigger speed of any trail camera on the market, with a trigger speed of 0.25 seconds. The cameras are extremely fast, and you can even take two pictures before most trail cameras do!

The cameras are 20MP and record both color and IR black and white images. The camera can also be set up for a separate day and night delays and time-lapse and burst modes.

CREATIVE XP GlassRaven LTE Cell Camera

The Creative XP’s GlassRaven LTE Cell Camera for hunting is a superior quality trail camera, with HD 12MP photos and Full HD 1080P videos with sound. It also features a 0.35-second trigger time and cellular WiFi connection, which can send media to an email address within the United States. Creative XP also includes a FREE 32GB SD memory card and an SD CYCLE that will ensure you never run out of memory.

This trail camera is made of tough, water and snow-proof materials, and is compatible with a solar panel. It also includes a 32GB sd card and a 4G LTE plus cellular Simhero card (compatible with AT&T and Rogers in the U.S.). It features HD video and has 57 built-in, invisible LEDs.

To use the GlassRaven 4G trail camera, you must have a SimHero data card (for AT&T and T-Mobile cell towers). Once you switch on the camera, it displays “Searching” and it may take up to a minute to detect a cellular signal. The time spent searching for a signal is worth the peace of mind.

You can choose the right battery life for the GlassRaven LTE by reading consumer reviews. It runs on 12 AA size batteries, but it also supports high-quality NiMH rechargeable batteries.

The company recommends using NiMH batteries, as they are more reliable and have a longer operating time. So, if you’re looking for a cell camera for hunting, you can find a decent one with the help of these tips.

Browning Defender Ridgeline Wireless Cellular Trail Camera

When it comes to hunting cell cameras, Browning has a few to choose from. Its Defender Wireless Cellular Trail Camera was updated in 2021 with Invisible Infrared Night Illumination technology. This cell camera is great for a game that spooks easily. It can also be used for security purposes.

The Browning Defender Wireless Cellular Trail Camera is perfect for remote hunting properties and features an invisible infrared flash. It also has an adjustable trigger speed, which means that you can capture photos quickly and efficiently.

The camera also features a battery life of four years. You’ll appreciate having the ability to see images from far distances. It’s a great option for hunting properties with limited access.

The camera has a simple, tough case that feels solid in your hand. You can easily open and close the latch to view the video feed. It uses 16 AA Lithium batteries that last 14.7 months. You can’t use Nimh batteries in it, though.

It has a fast trigger time and a fast recovery time. It begins transmitting as soon as it detects movement and continues to send pictures for up to 10 minutes after the motion stops.

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