Beauty Industry Business Ideas to Start in 2023

If beauty and personal care is your passion, why not make it your primary source of income? Whether you’re just about to qualify or gearing up for a dramatic career change, it’s always worth learning about the opportunities within the beauty industry.

Beauty entrepreneurs: Our top career suggestions for 2023:

Freelance make-up artist

If you’re looking for a role that offers you more flexibility and the ability to travel, becoming a freelance makeup artist could be a fantastic choice. Furthermore, no specific qualifications are required to be successful in the role.

However, it is possible to receive professional training by studying as an apprentice, a Make-up & Hair Design degree, or through a college course.

Eyebrow/lashes studio owner

Owning a studio that offers specialized treatments could be a brilliant way to make a living. There’s always a demand for eyebrow and eyelash treatments – including tinting, waxing, threading, and more. Additionally, owning a small practice will allow you to recruit the best talent to join you on your new venture.

Make-up photographer

Why not turn your creative eye to a photography role? If you’re passionate about being behind the lens but you’d still like to work within the beauty sector, becoming a make-up photographer could be a brilliant choice. You’ll be able to work from various locations, join exciting shoots, and view exclusive, unreleased collections from big brands.

Hair removal specialist

If you open a salon and intend to focus only on hair removal, you could attract a wide-ranging clientele with your expertise. There’s a wide range of applications too, so from professional laser hair removal to simple yet effective wax strips, you can choose treatments that suit you best. Being able to harness your skills in hair removal will prove lucrative.

Tanning salon owner

Tanning salons make a lucrative option for many entrepreneurs in beauty. Depending on where you choose to set up, you can also tailor your service offering to various different methods of tanning. From UV beds to luxury tan applied by hand, there’s always a market for bronzing in the UK.

Nail salon

If you’re thinking of setting up a business in a city, opening your own nail salon could be lucrative. Manicures make up an essential part of the beauty industry in the UK and internationally.

Whether you focus on lacquers or specialist nail art, it’s important to bear in mind that with pre-pandemic market values exceeding £238m, the nail color industry could soon see a resurgence.

Wig expert

While it might be surprising, there’s a lot of money in wig production in the UK. And despite stereotypical assumptions, it’s not only women or people with hair loss who want or need to wear a wig. From actors working on set to individuals experimenting with self-expression, there’s always a demand for suppliers of quality, custom-made wigs.

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