How To Be Creative with Under the Stairs Storage Ideas

If we think about the space under our stairs, it is usually crammed with things that don’t have a home and therefore becomes a triangle of space that hasn’t been utilized properly. There are plenty of ways to creatively use that space for storage. Read on to find out how.

Add a downstairs toilet

If you are looking for practical use for the space under your stairs, you could install a downstairs toilet.

If you are a household with people who are always trying to get out the door at the same time, having an extra toilet option could help to keep things running smoothly. As well as this, if your family tends to spend more time downstairs, having a toilet nearby is incredibly convenient.

As well as convenience, a downstairs bathroom can add value to your property if you ever start thinking about selling up and moving on.

Add a wardrobe

For a lot of households, most of the clutter that is kept under the stairs tends to be seasonal outerwear items, such as bulky winter coats, jackets, and enough shoes to open a shop!

To combat this, you could turn that unused space into a wardrobe for these items. By adding shelving you can store any shoes that you don’t use all the time, or have individual baskets on them for items such as umbrellas, gloves, and hats.

For the coats, a long rail with hangers will help to keep them organized. If the space under your stairs is too shallow for coats to hang on hangers, a row of hooks will help to keep them out of the way.

Create a home office space

As the popularity of working from home has boomed, more people are needing space for work-related items.

You could always use that space under your stairs to house your office items. If you were to incorporate plenty of storage such as drawers and shelving you can organize your paperwork without having to hide them away.

If your stairs are part of your living space, you could always pop a desk and chair in that space as well to make an office area that can also double as a homework station for your children.

Declutter those stairs

The stairs themselves are the most accessed area in a home, so it makes sense that a lot of clutter ends up on them.

To help alleviate this, you could have some built-in cabinets added with areas for each member of the family. This way, you will all have somewhere to store any items that are used daily such as backpacks, books, and headphones.

Having this storage nearer the door will make it easy for everyone to grab their essentials easily on their way out.

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