Bathroom Hand Dryers Blow Poop Particles All Over You

Flushing toilets without lids increases the likeliness of fecal particles in the air. That happens because every time you flush the toilet, it sends fecal particles through the air. Then, the hand dryers suck them up and blow them out on your hands whenever you use them.

It’s recommended to wash and dry your hands after you’ve used a public bathroom. However, it seems like using hand dryers may be causing more harm than good in this regard.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology published a new study where the researchers conducted an experiment at the University of Connecticut. The team chose three different bathrooms.

The scientists proceeded to set off the hand dryers and placed plates beneath them for half a minute. After conducting a few tests, the team found that each plate had 18-30 bacteria colonies.

While HEPA filters could help reduce bacteria transmission and proliferation, they may not be enough – according to the research. Hand dryers with HEPA filters had the same results as those without them, says the study.

Hence, maybe the next time you go to a public bathroom, you should skin the hand dryers and wipe your hands with your clothes instead.

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