A Basic Guide On Efficient Boat Maintenance Procedures

boat maintenance

As a boat owner, you must be aware of the escalating costs of maintaining a boat, be it simple regular maintenance or a serious breakdown. In fact, in the latter case, the overall costs can often be sky-high.

It is for the sole reason of cutting down on such excessive expenditures that learning some basic repair and maintenance work comes in handy. The basic guideline enumerated below is thus sufficient enough to help you do boat maintenance and repairs by yourself.

Caring for the Boat’s Batteries

When it’s cold, it is advisable that you keep the boat’s batteries at home during extreme seasons such as winters. For instance, you can keep them on a non-conductive stand, where you could trickle the charge so as to keep them alive throughout the cold season. Additionally, don’t forget to check the battery water after every few weeks.

Your Boat Should Always Be Winter-Protected

Winter conditions can harm your boat in a way you can never imagine. Freezing winter conditions can cause corrosion to the boat resulting in significant damage that would need substantial repairs before the boat is taken out into the waters.

The most effective way of protecting the boat from the freezing temperatures, rain, and snow associated with winter is to cover it. As a matter of fact, a boat cover is a must-have accessory for any boating enthusiast, but note that the cover should be designed in such a way that it allows air to circulate even when fully mounted.

The selection of boat covers should not be one hell of a decision to make even if you opt for discount covers unless you have an idea of a specific custom-made boat cover that would serve your purpose. All in all, whatever the style/make of such cover and whichever fabric it’s made of, this small investment is worth every penny you spend on it.

Enhance Your Sports Boat’s Appearance

The first time I went out to watch sports boat, there was this one aspect that really compelled me and got my attention attracted to the sport – the sleek look and the shiny appearance.

As a boat owner, you have to inspect, wash and clean your boat at least once a week so as to maintain its attraction for longer. On the same note, you should as well look after the boat’s interior, including the wooden accent, carpet, and upholstery.

Keep Off Water Out Of Your Boat

A lot of damage can be caused to your boat if excess moist seeps in due to neglect. You can actually eliminate such scenarios by having a thorough check done on your boat during off-season maintenance procedures just before you keep it in storage.

This involves procedures like removing water from all places it can stand inside the boat, such as seacocks, traps under sinks, and holding tanks.

Coat Your Boat with Fresh Paint

It is no secret that a boat often starts losing its charm as time passes. So, during the off-season, I would recommend that you repaint your boat before you store it. Before painting the boat, you should wash it with soap, and clean all the stubborn dirt it might have collected over the season.

Lastly, you can always have occasional spot cleaning to eliminate tough stains as well as prevent molds from forming, on top of the periodic thorough boat cleaning.

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