One of the most important days of our lives is the day we finally graduate. Marching towards the next level of their educational career, everyone wants to look special at their graduation ceremony.

A graduation dress has to set us apart from the rest and make us look stunning in pictures, doesn’t it?

Ciara Gan was facing a similar situation and struggled to find the perfect dress for her graduation ceremony. So, she decided to make one herself! She joined hands with her mother and crafted the most spectacular dress ever.

The dress amazed not only her classmates and teachers but also the entire world. Let’s see how!

How It All Started

It all started when graduation day was nearing, and Ciara Gan could not find what to wear. As she wanted the day and her dress to be extra special, she didn’t want to buy some run-of-the-mill dress from an online store.

Graduation days don’t come twice (in general!), so she wanted to wear something that reflected her personality.

So, after a tireless struggle, she decided to take care of it herself and design her stunning dress. Ciara asked her mom to help her out, as she had no idea about garment construction or dress designing.

But thanks to the digital age we live in, YouTube came to her rescue. She began watching tutorials about dress designing to prepare herself.

She went shopping with her mother to buy everything needed to start making the dress. They settled on the idea of making a beautiful floral gown and started searching for the materials accordingly.

Then, they bought 13 yards of fabric, Swarovski crystals, boning, and crinoline. As she was good at painting, she sketched the basic design of the gown herself and began the stitching process.

As the mother-daughter duo was not much experienced in dress designing, they wanted to take it one step at a time. So, they began preparing the skirt panels one by one and stitching them together to the main portion of the gown.

About the Design

Credits: Ciara Gan

After the sewing was complete, Ciara decided to adorn the dress with a floral print, but with a twist – she would paint all the flowers herself! She spent the next five days painting the flowers to perfection.

Credits: Ciara Gan

The result stunned her classmates when she made her grand entry on the day of her graduation ceremony. Thanks to social media, the world was startled by her outstanding design and creativity.

Credits: Ciara Gan

Talking about the dress design, Ciara told us that it was about all the things that made her feel happy and alive. She selected emerald green as the primary color as she was a Harry Potter fan-girl and a very proud Slytherin.

Although she liked roses and dainty flowers, she chose vibrant colors like orange and green, which spoke a lot about her personality.

Credits: Ciara Gan


Even though Ciara Gan studied STEM and wishes to pursue a degree related to science, she still loves the arts. And by her fantastic dress designing feat, she has proved her artistic skills indeed!

She will surely inspire many others to get in touch with their artistic side and create similar works of art.

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