Artist Secretly Replaces Framed Photos at Home With ‘Star Wars’ Art and His Wife Doesn’t Notice

Australian artist Scadam (or mandal0re on Reddit) creates digital artworks that reinterpret well-known characters from the Star Wars world. A photo of actor Samuel L. Jackson dressed to the nines In Scadam’s recounting, Jackson, who played Mace Windu in the film The Phantom Menace, holds a lightsaber while dressed in a frilly gown and a huge hat on his head.

Scadam was confident his wife would notice the change when he used the image to replace an existing framed photo on a shelf in his house.

A third painting was added to Scadam’s bookshelf after three days of not being seen by his wife. It was Ewan McGregor as a youthful Obi-Wan Kenobi this time, dressed in a gown and accessorized with pearl bracelets and a necklace. Scadam “doubled his efforts” and changed two more picture frames with his dramatic images when his wife failed to uncover Windu and Kenobi.

His creative bookcase modifications were found sooner than Scadam had expected. The Star Wars images took his wife eight days to see. However, the fact that they have been discovered does not guarantee they will disappear.

scadam star wars mashup art 1
Credits: Scadam
scadam star wars mashup art 2
Credits: Scadam
scadam star wars mashup art 3
Credits: Scadam

Scadam: Instagram | Shop

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