Artist Offers to ‘Remove Your Ex’ for $10 per Photo, Gets Flooded With Requests

A Twitter artist found retouching gold when she offered a simple service. She’ll remove your ex from any photo you send for $10 per picture. Since then, she’s received more than 600 responses, forcing her to raise her price… to $15.

The artist is @HEXGIRLFRlEND on Twitter, and it all started with the seemingly innocent tweet below. The tweet reads, “For $10 I will edit your ex out of your photo,” and includes a sample before-and-after photo. “Serious inquiries only.”

Her tweets typically get only a few likes and retweets or replies, with very few reaching double digits in any given category. However, many people want to erase the memories of their ex. This tweet has been liked over 140K times, received 16K+ retweets and more than 600 replies.

Although not all 600 of the requests were for Photoshopping, there was plenty of interest and customers started sharing their results.

Another retoucher joined the fray, jumping in on the responses with this freebie.

Not all Photoshop jobs were flawless. For example, she posted one where a shoe was left from an ex.

A few people took the opportunity to learn a bit about Soviet history from the original request for “please remove this person”:

Overall, the results are pleasing. This is especially impressive considering that @HEXGIRLFRlEND did all of this with an app on her smartphone. No Photoshop skills required:

Unfortunately, her business has been so successful that she had to increase her rate. New inquiries will have to pay 15 dollars to remove their ex-partner. The $10 early bird discount has ended. You don’t have to worry if your request was received before the update. She will grandfather you in at the introductory price.

Even though this sounds absurd, it is important to credit where credit is due. A simple tweet and a mobile app have probably made her hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can laugh or scoff, but she recognized a need in the market for Content Aware Filling.

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