This Company Makes Vodka Out of CO2 Emissions

air company vodka co2

Based in Brooklyn, New York, a startup called “Air Company” revolutionizes the world by creating products with what we take for granted every day – air. One of the company’s most fascinating products includes vodka made with carbon dioxide emissions.

Air company describes its unique vodka as the world’s cleanest, highest-quality, and most environmentally friendly spirit. It’s also the first carbon-negative spirit globally and is designed to contribute to a cleaner environment—the ideal approach to balance enjoyment with impact.

The drink has a clear and crisp finish and is finest drank on the rocks or in a martini.

The primary problem in creating vodka through conventional means is that it releases emissions and uses a substantial amount of water – Air Company aims to provide an alternative. Air Vodka has just two ingredients: carbon dioxide and water.

Hydrogen is extracted from water through electrolysis, releasing oxygen. With the collected carbon dioxide, the hydrogen is then put into a “carbon conversion reactor” device; this produces ethanol, which produces vodka when coupled with water.

While the company effectively uses carbon emissions to reduce environmental impact, a single bottle of vodka costs $65, which is out of the average consumer’s budget.

According to the International Energy Association (IEA), carbon dioxide utilization has the potential to help achieve climate objectives, but a thorough life-cycle study is required.

Carbon dioxide usage applications that are scalable, utilize low-carbon energy, and replace a product with greater life-cycle emissions may provide climate advantages. Quantifying these advantages may be difficult, and better approaches must guide future policy and investment choices.

Air vodka might not be the cheapest vodka globally or the most scalable right now, but due credit must be given to startups such as Air Company that prove to be a starting point for a sustainable future.

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