This ‘Air Bee & Bee’ Surrounds You With A Million Bzzzy Bees While You Sleep

Credits: AirBNB

Aside from their role in pollinating and cleaning our air, bees are critical to the sustainability of our planet’s ecological balance. Despite this, cities continue to evict them. On the other hand, at this charmingly named “Air Bee & Bee” in southern Italy, there will only be a couple of humans but a community of one million bees.

A beekeeper has opened a small home near the picturesque village of Grottole on his olive farm and listed it on Airbnb in anticipation of World Bee Day on May 20. The concept was brought to life by Mariella Gentile, a designer named Davide Tagliabue, and a cultural and social enterprise called Wonder Grottole.

air bee and bee2
Credits: AirBNB

To honor the humming muses who call this room home, this room’s exterior features a honeycomb pattern. The nine apiaries, or beehive boxes, that surround the room will keep you and your traveling companion accompanied for your good night’s sleep. One of the apiaries will be suspended above your head as you sleep.

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It’s reasonable to assume that you’re the queen bee in this beehive (or King).

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No one has to worry about bees biting them because the apiaries have netting around the boxes.

Volunteers and a $17,000 crowdfunding campaign helped complete Rocco Filomeno’s honeycomb-themed lodgings. They were able to transform the inn into a popular hangout by working together. This was done to raise public awareness about the significance of bees to our ecosystem.

air bee and bee3
Credits: AirBNB

When renting a one-bedroom property with one bathroom, you’ll have to walk to another cottage nearby to use the other two bathrooms (one shared and one private).

A cooler bag will be provided to guests because the location is remote and there is no electricity. Filomeno can provide you with solar-powered LED lights as an alternative to your current lighting.

Those who wish to speak are left with no choice but to remain silent as the buzzing of bees will filter out anything you have to say. on the other hand, this buzzing also provides a white noise that will put you to sleep in no time

air bee and bee4
Credits: AirBNB

There is still more. The beekeeper will greet visitors, provide information on bees and demonstrate how to live peacefully alongside them. The experience also includes breakfast will include homemade biscuits, ricotta cheese, strawberries, and honey from the region.

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