Adriatic Sea’s Natural Rhythm Makes Music Through 230-Ft Organ

Photo: Flickr/@linssimato

Nikola Baic, a Croatian architect, has teamed up with the Adriatic water to create beautiful music. Morse orgulje (sea organ) is a 230-foot-long instrument that plays a melody based on wave patterns.

This work appears to be a simple series of white stone stairs, but closer inspection reveals that it is a maze of holes. There are 35 pipes connected to the instrument through these ports.

The inner channels at the foot of the steps force air out of the higher whistle-holes, which play sweet-sounding songs as the waves ebb and flow. As a result, there is a harmonious relationship between man and the natural world.

Located in Zadar, a city devastated after World War II, is a marine organ. Concrete buildings erected during the city’s renovation added nothing to the area’s aesthetic appeal. The 3,000-year-old city is reviving its cultural spirit thanks to Baic’s musical building.

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Photo: Public Space

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Photo: Lisa

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Photo: felber

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Photo: Pierre Maheux


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