5-year-old Lina Medina – the Youngest Mother in History

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the youngest mother

5-year-old Lina Medina is the youngest mother in history. The title of this article sounds amazing. It’s just like one of those hooked on the thousands of fake news we come across every day. Here, however, we are far from such a false situation. Lina Medina’s case is exactly as we described it in the title.

She is the youngest mother in history

She gave birth to her child when she was still a young girl – only 5 years old. Lina Medina was born in the small Peruvian village of Tikrapo on September 23, 1933. In the early spring of 1939, when Lina was 5, her parents embarked on an urgent trip to distant Lima, the capital of Peru.

The reason for this is the growing belly of their daughter for several months, which the mother and father are determined to take for a professional medical examination.

They doubt, even almost convinced, that Lina Medina has a tumor that develops and grows in her abdomen over time.

You can imagine the shock the family experiences when the doctor diagnoses the girl. Without a doubt, she turned out to be seven months pregnant. Only six weeks later, 5-year-old Lina gave birth to her child and became the youngest mother in the world.

Or at least, the youngest mother, for whom there is official data. And if we have to be quite precise – at that time she was exactly 5 years, 7 months, and 21 days old.

Not only the parents of the little girl and everyone who witnessed this phenomenon are amazed by what is happening. All the pediatricians, gynecologists, and other specialists in whose hands Lina Medina gave birth to her son are also shocked. This happened on May 14, 1939.

The Medina family christened their new addition Gerardo, in the name of the doctor who monitors the condition of the youngest mother before and after the big event. He is inseparable from the girl at all times and gives his best to be of the greatest benefit to Lina and her loved ones.

The birth itself was performed by cesarean section because the small child’s body is not prepared and cannot give birth in a normal way. Science is also intrigued by how it is possible for such an immature child’s body and organism to become a home for a new life.

The case of the Peruvian girl became the subject of many new studies and research. You may wonder, purely biologically, how it is possible for a 5-year-old child to become pregnant, give birth, and have a perfectly healthy baby. Part of the answer lies in the so-called premature puberty that Lina develops.

This is a condition that occurs in one of 10,000 children. In it, the child’s body reaches sexual maturity under the age of 8 years. Statistics show that the number of girls is ten times higher than that of boys who develop premature puberty.

One of the probable reasons for reaching this condition is sexual intercourse with the patient in early childhood. According to analyzes, it is possible that Lina Medina’s first menstruation appeared at the age of only 8 months.

According to others, the girl had a regular cycle at the age of three. Her breasts were more feminine and shaped, typical of her age, and even the typical growth of bones was observed.

The data is really startling and quite, quite shocking. I don’t even want to imagine what exactly happened and what the poor Peruvian girl went through. But one thing is clear to all of us. Behind the story of this medical miracle lies another – more sinister story.

Because the onset of premature puberty in Lina Medina in itself can not be a sufficient condition for her pregnancy. In other words, someone ruthlessly raped the little Indian woman.

But who is the father of her child and under what circumstances did she become pregnant – Lina Medina refuses to reveal. It remains a complete and unshakable mystery, and she remains silent for life. Shortly after giving birth, her father was arrested as the most likely suspect in the assault.

He is believed to have raped his daughter, as a result of which she became pregnant. But evidence and witnesses to this are never found. It was not long before Lina Medina’s father was acquitted and released.

As soon as the case of Lina Medina came to light, all the media in Peru and America, and elsewhere on earth, began looking for ways to reach the little girl’s family. They were offered piles of money to give an interview to different media outlets.

But all attempts to make this happen have been completely unsuccessful. Lina and her parents close all the doors through which society could peek into their intimate and personal world.

For this reason, there is even speculation that the news of a pregnant and successful 5-year-old mother is a complete fabrication. However, they have been refuted by the testimonies of the doctors who became part of this incredible birth, as well as by medical journals in which everything is detailed and duly recorded.

As for little Gerardo – he turns out to be a real medical miracle. He was born alive and well and as confirmed and subsequently has no physical or mental abnormalities. Until his tenth birthday, the kid believes that Lina is his older sister.

But later he realizes the truth about his incredible birth and special status. In an interview with him in 1955, he said he dreamed of becoming a doctor when he grew up. Unfortunately, Gerardo leaves this world only at the age of 40. The reasons for the end of his life are described as “natural death”.

Lina Medina herself retired somewhere in the Peruvian countryside. In her youth, she managed to find a job as a collaborator with one of the doctors who attended the amazing birth of her son Gerardo. He helps her attend school earlier.

And when she starts working, Lina manages to make sure that her own son visits one that is heroism for the poor in this and other parts of the world. Sometime in the early 1970s, the Indian woman married a man named Raoul. In 1972, at the age of 39, Lina Medina gave birth to her second child.

This time completely voluntarily and consciously,  overcoming the shock and the consequences of the impossible situation on the first road. According to the latest data that appeared in 2002, Lina and Raoul were still married, albeit poor, far from the media and curious human eyes.

Even today it is possible that the mother-hero is still alive and well, but there is no official data on this. There are none for her death. And we can only guess how, after such a shocking story and the nightmare of what the youngest mother in history was going through, she gathers strength and continues her life in normal order.

What strength, great spirit, and will are hidden in the body of a little 5-year-old Indian girl and in the mind of Lina Medina, who has already grown up and jumped over all emotional barriers.

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