5 Car Colors to Avoid When Buying Your New Car

car colors

If you are in the market to purchase a new car, you have probably done your research about the make and model that you are considering.

Since you have probably already determined the style of vehicle that you want and the features that you are looking for, you might think that the quickest and easiest part of purchasing your new car is choosing the color.

Although you might think that choosing your car’s color is as simple as a personal preference, you should consider putting a little more thought into the color of the vehicle that you are purchasing.

If you do, you can help avoid accidents, cut down on insurance rates, and prevent other issues as well, which can help you enjoy your vehicle more.

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Although many people love the color blue on vehicles, blue vehicles are by far the most likely to be involved in an accident. There is a bit of speculation as to why, but many people agree that blue is both a relaxing color that can cause other drivers to lose focus as well as a color that blends in well with nature.


Many people prefer the look of a black car, but there are a lot of reasons to consider another color while you are in the market for a new vehicle. First of all, black cars can be incredibly frustrating to take care of because they show dirt and dust worse than any other color.


If you are looking for a flashy vehicle color that will make you stand out from the crowd, you may have been considering purchasing a red car. Although red cars can be incredibly beautiful, they can also be frustrating to own.

You might experience more road rage from other drivers if you have a red vehicle because many people think that individuals who drive red cars are more aggressive. Many insurance companies also charge higher rates for certain colored vehicles, and red falls onto this list.


Yellow is another bright color to avoid when you are choosing a new car. It can also make people think you are aggressive, like red cars, but there are other issues to consider as well.

Because many people do not like bright yellow vehicles, your vehicle’s resale value could be greatly diminished. Although you probably aren’t planning on selling your new vehicle anytime soon, this is something to keep in mind; it is certainly better to think of it before you are stuck with a vehicle that you can’t get rid of.

Dark Blue

Just as with other shades of the hue, dark blue cars can be at a greater risk of an accident. In fact, many experts say that dark blue cars actually look smaller than they are, which can be even more likely to cause accidents.

With all of these vehicle colors to avoid, you might be unsure of what color you should look for. In many cases, white or silver vehicles are the safest and best choice for new cars.

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