101-Year-Old Woman Is Still Working on a Lobster Boat With No Plans To Retire

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Max Oliver, 78 years old, is still working on a lobster boat. It’s amazing, but it’s nothing when you consider his crewmate, who is 101 years old. Max’s mother Virginia Oliver is still climbing on the ship three times a week (from May through November) to catch and trap lobsters off the coast of Maine.

Mother and son are able to work together in one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Max takes the traps out of the water, while Virginia weighs their catch and releases the smaller lobsters. This is second nature to her. Since she was 7 or 8, lobstering has been a part of her life, even before the Great Depression. She told The Boston Globe that it was not difficult to work for her.

Virginia says it isn’t hard work, but it can be dangerous. She recently had to have stitches after she cut her own leg so badly. Care providers have urged her to resign due to her occupational hazards and her old age.

Virginia is not slowing down, and she has no plans of retiring from lobstering. She will continue to work until she dies, which is a great answer for anyone asking her how long she intends to keep working.

Virginia Oliver, 101 years old is not planning to stop lobstering. You can see her work in this video:

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