14 Ways To Childproof Your Home

childproof home

When you have a baby that starts to crawl or walk, you need to start the process of childproofing your home. Childproofing can mean putting in outlet covers to simply moving furniture in order to keep your child safe.

Most parents think about the obvious things that need to be childproofed, such as gates at the top or bottom of stairs and putting locks on cabinet doors, but there are certain things throughout your home that also need to be childproofed that most parents forget.

A home can never be too safe for a child. When they get up and move around it’s time to take appropriate measures to childproof the home. Be sure to address every room in your house with these tips to make your house a safer place for your child.


Parents tend to forget that a child can easily find their way to a sink or bathtub faucet and turn on the hot water. But just because a child discovers how to turn it on doesn’t mean they know how to turn it off, and before you know, your child could suffer severe burns. This is why it’s very important that you not only find faucet covers but also turn down the temperature on your water heater and invest in bathtub thermometers. All of these can help protect your child from burns.

Window Guards

Your windows may seem out of reach to your child, but if there is a piece of furniture nearby, chances are your child will climb it. It’s very important that you invest in window guards to keep your child from falling out of an open window, especially on windows that are on the upper levels of your home.

Safety Gates

Install safety gates at the top and bottom of every staircase. Be sure that the gates won’t collapse or fall if they are pulled or tugged on. Keep them in working condition and if any part of them breaks or becomes unstable, replace them immediately. If any room needs to be blocked off for a particular reason, have a movable gate that can be set up quickly.

Square Furniture

If you have furniture in your home that has corners on it, you’ll want to invest in some corner guards. These are soft guards that fit onto the corners of your furniture so that your baby’s head or face do not become hurt if they were to walk into or fall onto one. Corner guards are available in many different sizes and colors, so you can find one that best matches your home’s décor so that the guards don’t stick out like sore thumbs.

Fireplaces Guards

This is important whether a fire is active or not. Special gates are designed to securely guard the fireplace. If your family uses the fireplace, make sure you clean up and store away any tools used after the fire.

Breakables and Plants Out of Reach

Keep heavy and breakable pieces of decor out of reach of children. Some may be best placed in rooms they are not allowed in until they are old enough to know not to touch. Plants should be kept outdoors or placed safely on a counter they don’t have easy access to. Research any plants that you bring into the home and be knowledgeable if they are poisonous to pets or humans.

Appliance Locks

Many modern appliances come equipped with locks that can be accessed at the push of a button. Lock these appliances when unsupervised. If your appliances don’t have locks, mechanisms that keep the doors securely shut can be found at local superstores and home improvement stores. Research which brands have been the most successful for others before purchasing.

Plastic Bags Out of Reach

These bags come in hand, and there’s no point in getting rid of them. Instead, establish a designated and out-of-reach spot for them. Placing them in a larger bag or cloth sack in the safety of the pantry will keep them out of sight and out of reach from tiny hands.

Guards on Stove and Knobs

The stove creates the most worry in the kitchen for parents. Adjustable guards can be purchased for the stove that, in the event of curious children, will help protect them from getting burned. Knobs, similar to the ones made for bedroom doors, can be purchased to cover stove knobs. If you’re in the market for a new stove, opt for one that has knobs on the stovetop or is touch-activated.

Non-Slip Tub Mat

These are cheap and easy to find. Avoid bathtime accidents by keeping these on the bottom of the tub. Make sure to replace them regularly and rinse them off after each bath.

Lock Up Medicine Cabinet

From medication to toothpaste, all of these things should be kept off the counter and placed safely and securely out of reach. If the cabinet or drawers where these things are stored are within reach, have locks placed on them for added safety.

Parents often think that a child-proof lid on medication is enough to keep their child out of harm’s way, but it’s possible that those lids will break or that they won’t be put back on correctly, which can put your child at risk. It’s always a good idea to either add a lock to your medicine cabinet or invest in a medication safe in order to keep your child away from things that will hurt him or her.

Cleaners, Chemicals, and Tools

The garage generally isn’t a place for young children. Keep all cleaners, yard chemicals and machinery, tools, and anything else that could be harmful, organized and placed in cabinets or locked storage containers. Keep the floor clean and well swept.

Window Covering Cords

Every month, one child between the ages of 7 months to 10 years old may be hurt due to strangulation from getting caught in the cords of blinds or window treatments. Make sure that you either shorten the cords so that they’re completely out of reach to your children or invest in a wind-up device that will retract the cord until it is out of reach to your child.

Home Security

If your home has a security system be sure to have it set that when any door or point of entry is opened that a beep goes off. Once they figure out how to get to the back or front yard you will want to know when doors are accessed.

Protecting your child is very important. When it comes to babyproofing, make sure that you’re looking around your home for anything that can be dangerous to your child. It’s also a good idea to get on your hands and knees to get a perspective of your home from their point of view. This is the best way to ensure that they’re safe.

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