10 Millionth Visitor to Rijksmuseum Is Granted Private Evening With Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’

Credits: Rijksmuseum

Imagine relishing a solitary moment with your most cherished artwork. That dream turned into reality for Stefan Kasper from the Netherlands when he unexpectedly became the 10 millionth guest at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

His reward was a remarkable night at the museum, complete with a sumptuous dinner and a sleepover beneath Rembrandt’s iconic The Night Watch.

The unique occurrence unfolded in 2017. It was just another day at the Rijksmuseum until the moment Kasper’s ticket was scanned, revealing his milestone status as the 10 millionth visitor. He was promptly honored with a celebratory welcome, during which a museum official described the exclusive experience awaiting him.

With the museum’s doors closed to the public, Kasper enjoyed a secluded evening surrounded by Rembrandt’s creation and an array of other masterpieces.

A captivating video recap created by the Rijksmuseum captures Kasper as he revels in the solitude of the museum’s halls. He is seen savoring his meal amidst the artworks, brushing his teeth, chatting on the phone with relatives, and ultimately, settling down to sleep under the watchful gaze of The Night Watch.

Certainly, it was a museum visit that stood apart from all others. Stefan Kasper’s visit marked a significant milestone for the Rijksmuseum.